Setting goals (and slacking a bit) 

Setting goalsSo, here we are at the end of October already. Time to reflect on what we have achieved here at Shoestring Cottage. Except… I can’t review October’s goals since I forgot to set any! I can review my September targets and look at setting goals for November though 😀.

Reviewing September’s goals

In September my goal setting included uploading my new blog logo (done). Mr S designed it and I think it looks great!

I also re-painted  the lodger’s room, which looks much cleaner and brighter as a result.

The plan for the garden was to tidy up, weed all of the beds and dig over the veg patch. We did a bit but weekends have been so busy there is still much to do. I plan to spend my day off out there this week.

I had intended to end my Virgin TV and broadband package and perhaps replace with a Freeview box. In the end I decided to reduce the package as much as possible and go for a slightly slower broadband speed. This saved £38 a month and I really haven’t noticed a difference in internet speed.

Setting goals for November

So what will November bring?

Obviously, Christmas is fast approaching so I need to get the Christmas shopping under way. I have bought a couple of things and have money set aside but I need to get going properly. One of my goals for this month is to buy and wrap at least 50% of my presents. There are loads of Christmas cards in a bag on the wardrobe too. I need to sort those out and start to write some.

I intend to do some de-cluttering as well in our bedroom as a prelude to moving the furniture round. I love a good de-clutter. It is so therapeutic. Finding the time is always an issue, though, but I will get there.

As ever, I have stuff to list on eBay – a couple of bin bags full, in fact. I will try to do a few each evening.  The more I list the more I sell!

That feels like enough at the moment. What about you? Are you setting goals for November?

10 thoughts on “Setting goals (and slacking a bit) 

  1. My goals are to finish the decorating before Christmas. Sort the Christmas presents out and finish my list of what to buy. Make some more gifts and give the garden a good tidy and feed ready for next year.

  2. Goal -setting is a good idea as long as we don’t feel we’ve failed if we haven’t met those targets, I think. If we go to work (I’m retired and gave up the day job years ago, so I’m speaking for those currently in employment) we no doubt have goals there, but in our home life I think we needn’t have too many, unless we feel we are so lethargic we need the impetus of goals.? I simply try and do my best all the time and if things don’t get done, then so be it. I am not at work, the time police won’t shout at me if I ‘waste’ a bit of time. Goals are good but we mustn’t let them rule us but I appreciate that perhaps some of us need goals, otherwise we’d lose our motivation. I am happy if I’ve done half the things I hoped I’d achieve in any one week.
    But I mustn’t be to hard on myself (and here I speak for we older readers – or perhaps there aren’t any as old as me, ha ha!) When I think, “I’ve not got much done today!” and then consider what I have done, such as yesterday – changed the bed linen, made the breakfast, cleared up the breakfast things, put on three washing loads (not all at once, of course), done some research for my writing, answered emails, booked appointments, prepared lunch, served lunch, cleared up the kitchen again, made minestrone soup for supper, baked rock buns, and cleared a pile of ironing …” I consider I’ve done reasonably well.
    If I have a goal for November, it’s to buy and wrap the Christmas presents, and buy, write and address the cards. well, I can try!
    Margaret P

  3. PS What I have noticed on all the blogs and posts I read is that we women ‘do’ Christmas. It wouldn’t be Christmas unless we worked our socks off to make it as lovely as possible for our families. Perhaps we should make it our goal not to try and do everything ourselves? Perhaps ask our menfolk and older children to do a few tasks for us in order that we aren’t worn t a frazzle? If we women have a fault is that we take on too much responsibility for jobs that could be delegated, and then we grumble that we’re over-tired. It’s even more important to delegate some tasks if we are still working, either full- or part-time. Christmas is for everyone, so let’s share the preparations, too.
    Margaret P

    • You are so right, Margaret, and not just at Christmas! It does sometimes feel like feminism never happened…all of my friends take charge of Christmas too, even if the family does muck in

  4. My goal is for my marriage to survive November.
    My husband finishes work to take early retirement today (enough said)!!! 😀

      • I have one! 😀 It’s just that it’s inside the home, unpaid, and 24/7/365, with little chance of retirement until the last kid moves out, by which time I’ll probably be way past the (current!) official retirement age!! :/

        • I know about that job. Totally under appreciated. What I meant was something to stop you getting under each other’s feet. I guess you could disappear on one of your long walks ? I’m being cynical, of course. I’m sure you will just move to a new way of living. Get a camper van!

        • You may now be under scrutiny and the realisation that you’ve been doing housework wrong for years. My hubby works 2 days a week and says I do things incorrectly! I retired from paid employment one year ago but continue to run a home unpaid!!!

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