Searching for treasure at the antiques centre

antiques mill 2Mr S had itchy feet this morning and needed a trip out. We decided to drive out to a small town called Halstead, which is around half an hour away. There wasn’t much open, it being Sunday, but the big old antiques mill was. We didn’t buy anything, but did enjoy having a browse. It’s a lovely old building, and full to the rafters with (probably over priced) nick nacks, collectibles and one or two actual antiques. I had hoped I might find a few bits of china for the dresser I will soon be renovating to go in the kitchen, but nothing took my fancy. I will wait for the boot sale season to begin and hopefully will find something suitable.

antiques mill

They filmed some of the old TV series Lovejoy at the mill – remember that? I have heard that it is coming back so it will be interesting to see if they use the mill again.

I am cooking a roast tonight, although the meat is boiled ham. The one from Aldi is always excellent value and goes a long way. I find it a bit salty so soak it in water for an hour or so. first. Tonight I am cooking it in a bottle of cider that has been sitting in the cupboard for about a year, some onion and bayleaves. We sill have it with roast potatoes, parsnips and frozen green beans from the garden.lovejoy

I will plate some up for our new French student. He isn’t due to arrive until 9 pm and may have eaten already, but better to be safe than sorry and I don’t want him going to bed on an empty belly.

The girls are nervous about this one arriving because he is older – the others have all been teenagers and he is 31. I can’t see this being a problem. It’s the person that counts not their age, but then I would say that! 🙂

Anyone else into antiques and collectibles?


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  1. I don’t like ham because of the saltiness factor, but I had a coworker that made a ham in Coke and cooked it overnight and it was absolutely delicious. I hate coke as well (I’m kind of picky) but that was the only ham I’d eat. I wish I still in contact with her so I could find out exactly what she did so I could cook a ham like that.

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