Scouring the charity shops – sorry, ‘vintage’ shops :-)

I had a day off today to spend a bit of time with DD3 on her half term holiday. We met DD1 from work and all had lunch together – a rare treat.

Then we decided to do a tour of the charity shops. It made me laugh as a couple of them have become ‘vintage shops’. They sell the same old stuff but charge £15 for a dress instead of £4! Anything that looks vaguely 70s is even more expensive. Who buys this stuff? I suppose I can’t blame the charities for trying to maximise their profits, but it is a bit annoying for those of us looking for a bargain without a lot of cash to spare.

Charity shop bargains!

Charity shop bargains!

Fortunately, there are still plenty of the old fashioned variety. We started at the upmarket end of town and worked our way through. DD3 was looking for an outfit for Halloween. We have gone a bit American these days. No witches or ghosts for the teens now – she is going as a zombie version of Cher from a film called Clueless, so she wanted to find a checked skirt and some form of tank top to go over a long white shirt. We found a long checked skirt, and she has already cut a chunk off the bottom and hemmed it! Success!

The thing I like about charity shop shopping is that, even thought they are more expensive than they used to be, there is still the opportunity to find something I could never afford new, and today proved the point. I found a lovely lined skirt from Laura Ashley for a fiver, a 100% silk cardigan from East for £5.50 and a really nice crochet top for £6. More than I pay usually, and a lot more than boot sale prices, but they are all excellent quality so I am pretty happy with my bargains.

Back to work tomorrow after my lovely long weekend and no more spending for the rest of the month if I can avoid it!