School’s out – forever!

Wow! Another busy week! Frustratingly though I don’t appear to have achieved much 😀.

Our new French student arrived on Sunday. He has proved really friendly and easy to host. He doesn’t eat breakfast, insists on helping me when he is here (the other night he mopped the floor!), goes out most nights and will be away in London the whole weekend.  He has also hit it off with my middle daughter, who has just finished university so has been home a lot. She has given him a list of the less obvious bits of London to visit and he, in return, has given her a contact at Vogue Magazine – she is desperate to get into fashion journalism so if that comes to anything it will be amazing.


Last day of school forever!

My other daughter is up to her eyes in A level revision so is stressed and tired. She officially left school yesterday, although will be in and out still for the next month for the exams. She works really hard and deserves to do well. It is tough for these youngsters though – so much competition for decent university places and good jobs.

Thankfully my eldest daughter is past all that and seems to be enjoying her job. She also moved into a new flat at the weekend. It isn’t very big but it has all she needs and is right in town. She was living with her dad but needed her own space.

So my children are all now adults and school is over! It is a weird feeling after so many years!

 We spent the morning on Sunday planting out the runner beans and brassica on the veggie patch and the tomatoes in the greenhouse. There is still lots to do so we will doubtless be out there again this weekend at some point. Not on Saturday though as there is a flower show locally so I have booked tickets. We will have lunch there and are meeting friends for a take away in the evening since its Mr Shoestring’s birthday.

There is always so much to do it seems. I started painting our reclaimed bench the week before last but still haven’t found time for the last coat. I will do that on Sunday too! Day of rest? Don’t think so 😀.

4 thoughts on “School’s out – forever!

  1. We have children of the same ages. My son is taking his final exams at uni at the moment and my daughter is sitting her A levels. She’s still at school at the moment but will only have to go in for the exams after the holidays. It’s a funny feeling thinking that I have no school-age children any more, in fact they’re not even children now, they’re adults. In to the next phase of our lives.

  2. My youngest has just finished 4 yrs at Uni, 3 being done at Univ of Leeds and a PGCE year at Sheffield. She Starts her first “proper” job in Sept. She’s just had her first student loan statement. She’s £56,000 in debt. When I asked her if she felt she’d got value for money her reply was “No way, but I had a great time!” Oh to be young and care free!!

  3. Our lives seemed to be governed by the academic year from the time they started playgroup to leaving university. That made about 22 years.

    The day I left school (back in the Middle Ages!) I burned my hated panama hat to celebrate.

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