Scam supermarket voucher – watch out!

Scam supermarket voucher scheme

There are so many scammers on the internet. I love a bargain or a discount code as much as the next person, but if something sounds too good to be true then it generally is.

I was alarmed  this morning to find that my elderly mum had posted the coupon below on Facebook:

I was alerted to this by Mr S as his mother was already onto him trying to get him to print it off for her! I knew straight away it must be a scam and was very quick to post a comment and then rang mum to see if she had given any of her details. That is what the scammers are after; they collect them and can use them for identity theft.

Fortunately, she started to but didn’t submit as she began to have her suspicions that it wasn’t kosher. I love that she is a silver surfer but she is also a bit naive about scams such as this. I Tweeted Sainsbury’s to let them know and got a reply back confirming it was a scam.

Keep an eye for anything like this. The big supermarkets run a lot of promotions, but even they don’t have a budget to cover giving everyone a £75 voucher!

UK Money Bloggers

I have recently discovered a fantastic Facebook group, UK Money Bloggers, full of wonderful bloggers who write on various finance subjects. They are all so knowledgable and friendly, as well as being incredibly generous with their help and advice. I was chuffed to be featured on their website this week. Go over and have a read 😀 here.

Have a great Sunday!

3 thoughts on “Scam supermarket voucher – watch out!

  1. There is also one on Facebook re Morrison’s “anniversary” – although what anniversary it is I don’t know as the dates don’t ring true. It looks very real so I’m not surprised people are being taken in

  2. I saw this shared on Facebook but immediately thought it looked suspect. The date is written in the american format …and as you say it’s just “too good to be true”.
    Jacquie x

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