Saving, spending and making money in April

I had quite an expensive month in April. I spent the holiday fund and a bit more on Mr S’s 50th celebration trip to Mallorca. Very excited about this but holidays don’t come cheap. I have also spent some money on clothes to take, which is unusual for me! I normally raid the boot sales but, although I have found some good things to resell, there hasn’t been much that I wanted to keep for myself.

As mentioned before, I bought some items from –  4 at £20! These should arrive today so I will report back on those. I managed to get the postage free using Money Saving Expert’s offer code too. I have also purchased 8 items second-hand on eBay. Sadly, four of those were too big so I just re-listed them. One has sold already for a £5 profit 😀. I really must stop buying size 14 clothes as I appear to be a 12 now. I put this down to almost completely giving up sugar since the end of February. 

I discovered TopCashback and did a £25 Asda shop through them to get £15 cash back. I will be exploring that a lot more and we are looking at booking our airport parking through them. I am going to look at some of the other cash back sites too and will report back.

I have sold quite a lot on eBay this month which will positively impact the bank balance. I am going to look at sourcing stock from auctions as well in the future. 

My MOT is due this month so I have my fingers crossed that I won’t have to spend much on that.

So April was a good month! May has kicked off with a lot of wintry feeling weather but I am sustained because I know we will be off to the sun in two weeks! This is what the moneysaving is all about 😀.

4 thoughts on “Saving, spending and making money in April

  1. You are absolutely right – this is hat saving is all about.
    Life is for living, Jane, and special occasions should be celebrated. Sometimes those celebrations can be low-key, but evety now and then it’s good to make it extra special and make all the saving and cutting back, worthwhile. That is, you need something to show for the hard work you put in.
    We had some great holidays when we both worked full time and although those will now be much fewer and farther between, we still talk about and enjoy the memories of them.
    Look forward to hearing about how much you enjoy yours. Remember – you earned it!

  2. try the Quidco site. I found with TopCBack that the initial offer for new users was excellent value, but not so much on offer thereafter.

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