Saving £££s in my garden

  What an unexpectedly sunny weekend it has turned out to be here in Essex. Today it is due to rain all day but then it is a bank holiday Monday!

  We didn’t have anything much planned. I was  looking for a bit of down time as work is always so busy and I find I get tired a lot. As ever I was busy here instead, but at least some of that was in the garden. There is so much going on and I love being outside in the sun.

I potted on all of the tomatoes and cucumbers – and there are a lot of plants so that took a while. Mr S planted out the broad beans and mowed the lawns and we both did masses of weeding. There are still so many jobs to do! I love it and wish I had a bit more time to spend out there. 


Tidier, but it needs more flowers and colour!

 We both have garden vouchers so I think we will hit the garden centre to spend them today. All that weeding has shown gaps that need filling. We need some more flowers and colour. When I was in Home Bargains last month I picked up some shrubs for just a couple of pounds each, including a beautiful bright pink azalea. I wish I had bought more now so will try to swing by there too and see what they have. 

You don’t need to spend a lot of money in the garden. You can grow plants from seeds and cuttings for pennies, and exchange them with friends. You can use any old containers for your flowers and don’t need fancy pots from the garden centre at £30 a pop. I have an old pair of wellies in the shed that will be planted up with some cheap bedding plants from Aldi as soon as I get a spare minute or two. Yesterday some  yogurt and cream pots were used to pot on my young plants whilst others were cut into strips and reused as plant labels.

  We make our own compost too from all the teabags, egg shells, fruit and veg peelings from the kitchen plus lawn trimmings and old plant matter from outside. I let the bin men collect the weeds  in the kerbside compost collection as I don’t want any seed heads finding their way back in the soil. 

We save so much money from growing some of our own food and gardening in this way.

  Taking of saving money, remember the broken bench we retrieved from outside a neighbour’s house the other week? Mr S repaired it and it is ready for me to rub down and paint. I am thinking a pale green colour. I will search for something suitable and get cracking next weekend.

I hope you enjoying the bank holiday whatever you are doing.

9 thoughts on “Saving £££s in my garden

  1. You’re making me feel guilty now for not growing veg this year. Did you know pink is the in colour for this year? That bench would look lovely in pink.

  2. Oh, I have today transferred my cucumbers and courgettes from small pots into the raised bed in the greenhouse. They were about three inches tall so hope I am not too early. I only have two of each so they are not too close together. Hoping they will be ok. Your planting looks great and you have a lovely garden. Loving the bench, too.

  3. Lovely garden photos, love the bench, one of my favorite colors is a darker olive green.
    Years ago my Moma had it painted on the living room wood work. A neighbor had it for her porch trim, it looks great with her rusty red brick house.

    • Thanks. I like dark green too and the sheds are now that colour. I think a lovely pale green might be a nice contrast

  4. I have just come cross your blog, really enjoyed it and I will visit again most often. Great pictures too,brings all to life.

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