Saving pennies every day

I have started freezing my tights – as you do!! Freezing them overnight before you wear them is said to make them last longer. I really can’t say if it has worked yet. Mine tend to last quite a long time anyway as I try to be quite gentle with them and tend to wear the thick lycra kind (I stock up whenever I see a Primark as they are a good price in there – £3.90 for 3 pairs of 80 derniere). Now that the weather is getting better I have moved to thinner ones (5 pairs of ladder resist tights in Primark are even cheaper – only £3), so thought I would try the freezer trick. Nothing like a bit of lycra among the frozen peas to raise a few eyebrows 😀.

  My student is proving very easy to feed. This is good as I can’t stand fussy eaters! She even tried curry and rice last night. I wasn’t sure she would enjoy it as other French students we have had weren’t sure what curry was. I don’t think it is popular in France. She ate the lot with some poppadums but drew the line at the mango chutney. 

To my great relief she has found her way to school and back on the bus. She seems confident and independent for a 12 year old. I really don’t know how I would have coped with having to navigate the bus system in a strange town with very basic language at her age. I would have been quite terrified I am sure. I won’t have such a young student again though – it feels like much more of a responsibility than the older ones I am used to. Still, she is leaving on Saturday and is a nice kid.

I spent a lot more on food this week as the student was coming – more meat and treats like cakes and desserts. Not good for my diet and I have put on 2lb!! Never mind – I will go back to low calorie eating next week. The food I bought should last well into next week anyway so I will just do a small top up shop when I need to.

I am determined to save as much money as I can as I am saving for a new car (new to me anyway – it will of course be second-hand). Every bit of extra money I earn goes into the savings account. I may still have to borrow some but hopefully as little as possible.

I am growing lots of vegetables again this year and have loads of seedlings on the go. This saves me a lot of money in the summer, but it can be a lot of work growing, watering, picking and preserving. I usually feel there aren’t enough hours in the day anyway, but when everything is ready to pick it can feel a bit stressful. It is worth it though, eating some delicious home grown blackcurrants on my porridge or making courgette soup when all outside is barren and cold in the depths of winter. At the moment it is lovely to see the little plants making some progress. I need to start to pot some on at the weekend.

 How is your garden growing? And does anyone else freeze their tights?