Saving money on drying clothes, and some domestic dramas…

I have been considering buying a heated airer for some time now and spotted one that looked good in the Lakeland catalogue recently for £80. I don’t want to waste money on buying and running a tumble dryer, I think they are terrible for the environment and, besides, I don’t really have space for one in the kitchen without sacrificing a cupboard.  So I was really pleased to see a very similar one in Aldi this morning for £30! ( I know, I do get excited about some very odd things!). I think this was a pretty good impulse buy 😀. 

It already has some washing on it and appears to be working well. It can’t take quite as much weight as the Lakeland one – 5kg as opposed to 7kg. I weighed two large wet towels this morning and they were 2.5 kg to give you an idea. So you can’t load it up massively but it will take a medium load of wet clothes I think. Wet towels are pretty heavy though!

Lakeland claim their model costs about 4p an hour to run and this has the same power so I would say it will cost a similar amount. I had it on for four hours earlier to kick things off so 16p so far. I am considering buying a second one for the lodger, if we ever get one. We have some jobs to finish before we advertise the room but I hope to do so within a couple of weeks.

I discovered on the way to Aldi that the wiper on the car had completely shredded. As usually happens, I only found this out when it started to rain and I could barely see to drive! Not a great start to the day. I am not remotely interested in cars as long as they get me where I need to be and don’t cost too much to run, and I usually leave anything car related to Mr S. However, he is away so I had to go get them sorted. Luckily it wasn’t difficult or expensive – I should be more of an independent woman when it comes to these things! However, now an odd warning light has appeared and I am definitely leaving that to him for tomorrow! 

The next drama: I have started to suspect we may have a carbon monoxide leak somewhere as me and DD3 have been feeling headachy and nauseous on and off all week. This morning we both woke up feeling like our eyes were swollen. I thought it was probably a bug but felt better today when we went to see my parents. It occurred to me as we drove home to get it checked out. So we have been sitting with all the windows open waiting for the gas safety people to arrive to check the boiler and cooker. I hope they come soon as I can’t have a cup of tea until they have checked the cooker since I have a hob kettle rather than a plug in one! Luckily it isn’t too cold. 

Fingers crossed it is nothing – I don’t want to have to find the money for a new cooker or boiler. I have just ordered a carbon monoxide detector though and asked myself why we don’t already have one…

UPDATE: all clear…the gas man checked us out and no sign of carbon dioxide. I think we must both have a bug!

11 thoughts on “Saving money on drying clothes, and some domestic dramas…

  1. I took the shelves out of my airing cupboard (over the hot water tank) and put up a rail. It will fit about 10 coat hangers on with a bit of space between each. I now hang washing direct from machine on to these. On to some of the hangers I attached pegs and these are used for small items. I now use this as a drying cupboard. The hot water is on twice a day and I find that most things will dry within 24 hours at no extra charge at all.

  2. Please keep us updated with your heated drier. I’ve also been thinking about buying one.
    Glad to hear everything’s OK gas wise – sorry to hear you have a bug!

  3. Never in my life have I heard of a heated airer, wonder if the sell them here in Australia although we are now in spring it would be handy for next winter. I will Google it and find out.
    Hope your dramas are over now and you are feeling better.

  4. I have the Lakeland one and its one of my best buys. A couple of tips – cover with a sheet, you will speed up the drying, Lakeland have even brought out a cover after being told in their reviews. Layering on top of the bars for things that don’t crease is also good, if you think heat rises so the things hanging down do not get that warm. Another benefit is I now never iron!

    • I have noticed clothes aren’t as creased. I saw the Lakeland covers and was a bit perplexed as mine stated not to cover as it might overheat. It does seem logical though to contain the heat a bit

  5. Hi Jane
    I have a Lakeland airer which I bought a few years ago and it is still going strong. I have to admit that I do also have a tumble dryer which I use for bedding and towels. Like you say, they would overload the dryer and large items do take a long time to dry. We have solar panels on our roof so, provided we run the tumble dryer during the day, the cost is free. That does make me feel a little better! As I wash the bedding and towels at the weekend, it is easy to make sure we only use the dryer during the day. Of course, in good weather I dry everything outside, which I much prefer. Who doesn’t like the smell of washing freshly dried on the line? Or is that just middle aged old me?! Still loving the blog and now following you on Instagram. Stephanie

  6. I’ve had one of these for several years, but found the snag was that the dry bits were just where the clothes touched the bars, the heat rose and the stuff hanging below stayed wet and cold…the cover might help in this, though. So what I now do, is to place it , not plugged in, over my oil-filled plug in electric heater and put my over-the-bath triangular dryer on top of that. There’s plenty of warm air flowing through the bathroom dryer and the heat from the sides of the heater, radiates out to dry the laundry hanging down over the
    un-plugged in electric dryer…. and of course, the heat heats the room too… Complicated explanation for a simple operation – wish I could add a picture!

    • I have found it dries better if I lie thing across it but of course you can’t fit much in!

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