Saving money on coffee

It was a madly busy day at work today, followed by a visit to the hospital to see my mum. She was in a lot of pain today, although she did manage a little walk along the corridor on her frame with the physiotherapist.

Luckily my daughters had sorted dinner when I got home – Quorn bolognese, as one of them is vegetarian. 

I hardly drink coffee at all as I can’t do too much caffeine, but I do enjoy one decent cup each morning. I usually buy Millicano. I try to find it on offer as it’s not cheap, so I was interested to try this Alcafe Barista Moments coffee from Aldi. It was a pretty nice cup actually, not quite Millicano but not bad at all. It cost £2; Millicano is usually at least £4.30. I might mix the two to save a bit of money!

Anybody else tried this? What did you think?

I’m hoping to go and collect Mum tomorrow and take her home but we will have to see what her consultant says. Fingers crossed!

9 thoughts on “Saving money on coffee

  1. I always mix nescafe alta rica with aldis Columbian specially selected, it tastes nearly as good, every little helps

  2. My daughter-in-law has Milicano. It is nice but I can only drink one cup as I am used to decaf. I like Kenco best. My mum used to drink Camp coffee. It was seriously awful !

  3. I usually mix the beans from a cheapo brand to the beans of a very nice brand – 4 parts cheap to 1 part nice gives me a very flavourful coffee.

  4. I usually buy coffee in Costco, but I always use camp coffee for coffee cakes….pretty sweet and yuk as a drink though-!!

  5. I bought a tin of this last week. I have to say it’s absolute muck- a mixture of the worst parish hall coffee morning instant with some brown powder to leave a layer of sludge at the bottom of the cup.

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