Save-it Saturday 

I took Mr S’s coin collection to use the Coinstar machine yesterday afternoon. Despite all the comments about how I could avoid the 10% service charge, it is still the most convenient way for me to cash it up as it’s hard to get to the bank during their opening hours. However, if I had realised that he had put so much silver in there I would have taken that out first! He had £10.40 in 20ps! 

I came away with over £34 to spend on the week’s grocery shop. I actually spent £45 in all in Asda, but the £13 that I cashed in from my own penny collection meant that our pennies paid for the lot 😀. We will keep throwing in our coppers and small value silver coins and use whatever we collect towards Christmas. 

I made a frugal favourite for dinner last night – my version of cottage pie. I like to fry the mince up with lots of veggies (in this case celery, mushrooms and carrots) and cover with a mix of mashed potato and swede, with some grated cheddar to give a yummy topping. Cheap and filling food that doesn’t take long to make.

I had to pop to the post office before it closed to post a couple of things I had sold on eBay so that was another £30 for the pot. My daughter had a mega clear out of her wardrobe as well. She has so many clothes crammed in her bedroom I don’t think she knows what she has. I went through to see what could be listed on eBay and what needed to go to the charity shop. She had one top that still had the label! She is her mother’s daughter when it comes to money much of the time but clothes are a weakness. She does buy a lot secondhand though thankfully 😀. I will try to get some listing done in the week. (Incidentally my post How to Make Money Selling on eBay has proved one of my most popular so I have given it a page to itself 😀).

It was a beautiful day yesterday  and pottering around listening to Joni Mitchell and getting myself organised put a smile on my face. I am hoping today will be equally lovely and warm so I can get outside. I hope you have a lovely Sunday!

9 thoughts on “Save-it Saturday 

  1. Your pie looks yummy Jane.
    We use the Coinstar but only for coppers and 5ps. It is a fun thing to use and very convenient .
    I’m glad your E.Bay post did so well .
    Have a super Sunday
    Jacquie x

  2. This shows how behind-the-times I am in some things, but I’ve never heard of nor seen a Coinstar machine! We always simply cash up on the kitchen table. But well done on having £34 for groceries. It’s always nice to think of all the loose change adding up to ‘real money’ isn’t it?
    Margaret P

  3. I don’t blame you using the Coinstar machine, the local branch of my bank closed last year so it’s a fair old trek to the closest one now so I don’t enjoy saving change as much as I used to. Larger coins I keep for parking (we’re at the hospital fairly frequently), coppers I take to the charity shop and 5ps I get rid of bit by bit at the self service till. A bit of messing about but never mind.

  4. PS – I read in the paper today that we have until later this year to fish out all our £1 coins because the new £1 coin is coming into being on 28th March (a 12-sided coin), and we have “until the autumn” although no date was specified in the Telegraph article this morning, “to spend the old round coins.)
    So if you are saving them, now’s the time to get rid of them. They have advised us to look down the sides and back of the ‘couch’ (although I would call it a ‘sofa’) and in pockets of clothes that have been put away, children’s money boxes, etc.
    Instead of bringing out a new coin, I’d get rid of 1p and 2p pieces altogether. Just think what it must cost the royal mint to produce them – possibly more than their value. I know shops would round up values to the nearest 5p, but when things are 99p, that penny change is really just a nuisance, you can’t even spend a penny to go to the loo these days – the public loo in a village where we shop is 20p.
    I believe, though, the coin is being changed because there are so many counterfeit £1 coins in circulation and this one is meant to be harder for the counterfeiters to copy. They got rid of farthings (and I remember those!) in the early 1950s. Now’s the time to get rid of the 1p at least.
    Margaret P

    • I heard October is the deadline for exchanging your old £1 coins. After that the banks are not obliged to change them (unlike notes) but heard that some will continue to do so for their own customers for a while afterwards. But yes, better to be prepared earlier rather than later!

      Last week I was given one of the old £5 notes in change for the first time since the new polymer ones came out – so passed that on pretty quickly again too!

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