Sadly imperfect in every way!!

I wish I was one of those bloggers (or even one of those humans!) who showed fabulous pictures of all my wonderful creations every day….I had hoped to post a pic of a passable gluten free chocolate sponge today. However, for some reason my oven shelf was on the wonk and I didn’t notice, so the mixture all tipped to one end of the tins! This means it is a big fat cake at one end and a thin biscuit at the other. Oh well, hopefully by the time I have iced the thing it will taste nice. I will give you an update tomorrow (and possibly a recipe if it tastes good. Don’t hold  your breath; I am new to this gluten free baking lark!).

sweet potato pie 2We did have a nice dinner though. I am really enjoying sweet potatoes right now. They are very reasonable in Aldi and very good for you. Last night I made a big bolognese sauce for tea. I deliberately made too much and padded it out with vegetables and tomatoes so that I could use half of it for a cottage pie tonight. It was just beef mince cooked up with onions, garlic, celery, a green pepper, tinned tomatoes, herbs and some stock. Yesterday we ate it with gluten free pasta. Tonight I topped it with mashed sweet potatoes and a little grated cheese, baked in the oven for 25 minutes and served with sprouts and carrots. Quite a few of our 5 a day in that little lot.

sweet potato pie

As you know, I like my food straightforward, nutritious and quick to prepare after work. This kind of thing fits the bill perfectly. What are your quick and easy dinners?

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