Rubbish Customer Service!

I work in customer services and I pride myself in offering the best service that I can. I therefore get just a little irritated – no make that very annoyed – when I come across really poor practices.

I have recently had to attempt to communicate with my energy provider, First Utility, and each time I have had to BREATHE to get my blood pressure down. It isn’t the individual members of staff. If I manage to actually speak to someone they are always very helpful. It is getting through in the first place that is difficult. This morning before work I wasted an hour and a half of my life attempting to resolve a problem I am having with my meter. This was my third phone call so I knew what to expect and that I had enough time. First I waited in a queue for 15 minutes and was happy it was answered so quickly – last time I waited 25 minutes in my lunch hour. However it seemed I had the wrong department so I was transferred elsewhere, and waited for 20 minutes in the queue again. Finally I got a nice chap who was very helpful and sorted for an engineer to change my meter but said I would now need my payments adjusting and he would transfer me to the direct debits team. After 30 minutes of hold music I decided I must be in a phantom queue and that my call would never be answered so I dialled in again and waited 20 minutes more.

I have tried emailing them over the past three months and many of my emails have just been ignored, even one headed ‘official complaint’. When I have had a response the query hasn’t been fully answered so I have had to email again and wait weeks for a response.

If this was happening where I work, heads would roll! They obviously just don’t have enough staff. There are lots of young people needing jobs out there so it is not good enough. How did we get to the stage where these large companies think it is acceptable to treat customers this way? It wouldn’t happen if they could see us queuing face to face. There would be a riot!

Anyway, rant over and back to work 🙂