Room with a View

This is the view from my window this morning – don’t you just love spring? It gives me lots of energy and ideas!


Although, it does also remind me of the more mundane jobs that need to be done – that patio needs weeding for a start!

However my next burst of effort is going on the house. Our hallway is in a terrible state, with peeling paper and paintwork, no skirting board in places and a tatty bright red painted floor! It is going to be huge amounts of work, which is why I have put it off for so long. I have booked a week off work in the first week of May and I am going to go for it. Mr S will be working but I am hoping he will help me with some bits. I asked for Wilkinsons vouchers for my birthday so will spend those on the work, and use up a lot of the paint in the shed.

Anybody else have any projects planned?