Repairing the leaks and back to frugal

I woke up yesterday morning with a crick in my back. I have no idea what I did to it, apart from crawling around in the loft laying plastic to stop the roof leaking! Luckily I am allowed occasionally to work from home, which meant I could lay my yoga mat out next to where I was sitting and every now and again lie on it to do some stretches! My DIY physiotherapy seemed to help as it is now much better, but I need to work on it and keep the aches and pains at bay.

My neighbour has fortunately got hold of some scaffolding and he and Mr S put it up today, so hopefully we will get the roof repaired without it costing an arm and a leg.

Being frugal

imageRather than buy more body lotion, in the name of frugality I have been using up a bottle and a half of after sun cream that has been kicking around in the cupboard for a while. It is really nice and moisturising- just the job! I am also trying to use up all the odds and ends of shower and bath gel. I know what will happen – we will get given more over Christmas and the troops will start straight in the new stuff!

Not using the dryer …

imageI have laundry all over the place at the moment as DD2 is back from uni and I had to move the airer out of her bedroom. Still it’s lovely to see her. She is so independent and involved in uni life that her trips back are becoming less frequent.

Christmas buffet at work tomorrow so more expense. I am keeping it simple and gluten free and making a Greek salad. I hope there is enough there for me to eat!

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