Red nose fundraising – and a bit of good news

We had a bad taste dress down at work today to raise funds for Comic Relief. It was hilarious; people turned up in some hideous outfits! We also donated raffle prizes and baked cakes. I bought some as I had no time to make any, but I didn’t eat any cake as I am still not eating sugar. 

We were pleasantly surprised yesterday when my dad was sent home from hospital. He had a good night last night but we are all keeping a close eye. I will pop round tomorrow with some groceries and to water his plants. I don’t want him straining his staples trying to do this.

So nice to see them back home together, even if they are the walking wounded!

Are any of you fundraising for Comic Relief?

10 thoughts on “Red nose fundraising – and a bit of good news

  1. So glad both your parents are doing well Jane. Your dress up day looks fun. My boys had a non-uniform day at school and took donations to comic relief. Such a worthy charity.
    Jacquie x

  2. What a beautiful photo, one to treasure.
    They will help each other to recover.
    Lovely to see your mum on her feet and the smiles on both their faces, (and on yours and your sister’s I expect!) Enjoy your weekend. Sue

  3. Such a relief to have both your Mum and Dad home and feeling better. I may be weird but I actually like the clothes everyone wore for your Red Nose Day fun. The piccie is lovely. In the school I work in we wore red. Amazing the different shades and combinations. Red Nose Day is an amazing event isn’t it and we all love to get involved. Have a lovely weekend looks like the weather will be lovely so maybe some gardening and some walking. Whatever you do enjoy it and have fun.

  4. Oh, what heartwarming photos, not only of your very in-stylish clothes (surely this was a photo-shoot for one of the Sunday supplement mags, because they often show the most hideous clothes but with hefty price tags to that readers will think they are wrong in thinking them ugly and be conned into thinking that a dress which looks ridiculous must be beautiful if it is £6,000! and your lovely parents, both recovering from ill health. How lovely to see them holding hands and looking so happy. My best wishes to you and all your family.
    But no, we’ve not done anything for Red Nose day in particular. We give to charity all year round by standing orders, and I also support our local hospice shop by donating all the things we no longer need that are in good condition (even a coat I had worn only twice but realized it just didn’t suit me and I couldn’t stand seeing a £200 coat in the wardrobe, reproaching me for my stupidity in buying it in the first place, hardly frugal, was it?) But we never pass a collecting box without giving something, and I put loose change into collecting tins which are on shop counters, it everyone dropped in their pennies and tuppences, charities would really benefit from these.
    Margaret P

  5. Oh how lovely to see your Mum and Dad home and doing well. That must be such a relief to you and your family. I like the photo of you and your work colleagues dressed in “wonderful” taste. Ha ha. I am retired now but we used to do lots of fund raising for Comic Relief and Children in Need where I worked (as we were a children’s charity we used to come up with some great ideas). Even though we are now getting ancient we still like to do our bit so we attended a quiz last night put on by a local group and we raised over £500. It was fun as well. Regards Sue H.

  6. the photo of your parents filled my heart with joy…so glad they are together to recuperate! my parents had been married 65 years when he passed away at 90…it’s been 4 years and even with her dementia she misses him so…

    I had to look up Comic Relief…we don’t have it in the States as far I know…love your dressing up to raise money…we have dozens of fund raisers in the hospital where I work…I do for local food banks and animal shelters…

  7. What a lovely photo and how nice that they are both back together at home. I mainly support Crohns & Colitis UK as one of my children is a Crohns sufferer. By the way…….love the outfit. Ha ha.

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