Real Nappy Week

imageDid you know that this week is Real Nappy week? Obviously my kids are way beyond nappies but I am still happy to promote the idea of real nappies.  I love the idea of clean white nappies drying in the breeze and of reducing the amount of nappy waste that ends up in landfill.

From a money saving viewpoint it seems like a no brainer. You make an initial investment and buy terry nappies and they will last for several children. When the kids are all potty trained they are useful cut up for wipes and cleaning cloths. However, you can spend quite a lot on fancy shaped and patterned nappies these days if your budget will run to it. They work just as well and aren’t full of the nasty chemicals that make up your average disposable either.

They are more work: you need to be organised and keep on top of the laundry and drying. If you insist on sticking them in the tumble dryer you need to factor the cost of running that too.

However, the biggest thing for me is the the environmental damage – the idea of millions of non biodegradable plastic nappy sacks full of gel and poop filled rubbish sitting in our land fill sites for literally hundreds of years is ludicrous.  Our great great grandchildren will have to sort an issue that we avoided thinking about.

So if your little darlings are still in nappies I urge you to find out more about real nappies:


One thought on “Real Nappy Week

  1. Not sure about England, but in the U.S., many daycare and preschool facilities require disposables for the children who attend there. If the children have a parent at home, though, and don’t have to go to daycare or preschool, it’s a better idea to go cloth. I did with our youngest almost 22 years ago. The oldest (26) was in disposables because I worked outside of the home.

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