Quick and Dirty – dinners for the frugal woman in a hurry!

I have managed to stretch this week’s shopping to 11 days this week to make up for the expense of our day in London and lunch out.

Tonight I will do the smallest shop possible in my fave discount supermarket, Aldi, and stretch things even further. I managed to get into town on Saturday so I brought the fruit for the week and some broccoli for £4.50, so that helped.

I have some pork chops lurking in the freezer, so they will be dinner tonight, tomorrow will be veggie curry and rice, Thursday I have some taco shells to use up so will buy mince and make a chilli, Friday will be an easy end of the week tea of omelettes and chips as I have eggs. I am out all day on Saturday so will get chicken thighs and get the girls to make a casserole. I have lots of parsley sauce mixes from Approved Foods so on Sunday it will be fish, probably Aldi’s basa fillets. Monday has to be quick as I rush in then straight out to my yoga class, so we will have quiche and salad.

I am sure I would eat differently and even more cheaply if I had more time as I would do a lot more scratch cooking, but this being the real world I will cheat and use some convenience foods as and when I need to!

What are you eating this week?

3 thoughts on “Quick and Dirty – dinners for the frugal woman in a hurry!

  1. Hi, I love reading your frugal posts and find them really inspiring – thank you! However, I am also a yoga enthusiast and would love to know the best way to train to be a yoga teacher and whether at 44 I am too old to start this kind of training? I attend a fabulous class once a week (when I have the time and money,) but would love to take it further. I find it helps so many areas of my life.

    • Definitely not too old!! Are you in the uk? The best training is through the British Wheel of Yoga here, either directly or through their affiliates. Have a look at bwy.org.uk. You need to be with a bwy instructor ti be accepted as a trainee. Go for it! Best thing i ever did

      • Thanks so much for the info’ and even more importantly the encouragement!
        Yes, I am in the UK and will be hotfooting it over to that website.
        Jo x

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