Proud mum at the prom

imageIt’s late and I’m too tired to blog much but I have to show you my beautiful daughter at her prom…she had her hair and makeup done for free by Mr Shoestring’s niece, who happens to be a professional make up artist who has done the makeup for some of the TOWIE girls (for those of you who aren’t in the UK this is a reality TV show, The Only Way is Essex). imageShe found herself a simple but stunning black dress on the internet and we put wedding ribbon on my sister’s BMW so she could turn up in style.

She looked amazing – a fitting end to her school life before she moves on to A levels. Have you had to do the prom thing, and did you manage it without breaking the bank?image


5 thoughts on “Proud mum at the prom

  1. So pretty – hope she had a great time.
    My oldest 3 are boys. The 2 eldest didn’t want to attend theirs, so DS3 was the first last year. Being a bloke it was easy. He refused to let me cut the school logo off his blazer (spoilsport! 😀 ) so I bought him another unlogo’d one from BHS for about £20! 😀 It can double as interview wear too, along with his old school shirts and trousers, and a tie borrowed from Dad!
    My daughter, in 2 years time might be a completely different matter though…! 😮

  2. What a beautiful daughter, I hope she had a brilliant time.
    I’m quite glad to say that when our lot left school proms had hardly got going in our rural backwater, so no expense incurred. Phew!

  3. She’s a stunning beauty with no doubt many suitors! 🙂 I, too, had sons; one went to his prom and the other didn’t. No real expense for us. It’s much more of a big deal with a daughter. In California, some parents go all out and spend $1000 or more for a girl’s prom. None look any prettier than your girl, though!

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