Perfect Sunday 

I don’t normally let Christmas in this early, but I needed to go through all my decorations to take the spare ones into work and before I knew it we had put ours up!

I bought loads really cheaply at my favourite charity shop and the others I have had for years. It looks really cosy.

We had a lovely autumn walk today in the sunshine, walking five miles  from Colchester to Wivenhoe and back. If you haven’t walked the Wivenhoe trail I recommend it. When you arrive there is a great pub in the village called the Rose and Crown, by the estuary. Today we settled for a cup of tea in a little cafe before we headed back to Colchester. 

We now have roast pork in the oven which will be followed by apple and blackberry crumble made with foraged fruit for pud. Can Sundays get any better? 

4 thoughts on “Perfect Sunday 

  1. You make me feel v. guilty as I’ve not done anything for Christmas yet! I was more organized when I was young and at work and with two small children, too; but then I had to be in those days! But all will be done, I’m old enough to know not to fret, the tree will be bought and decorated, presents will be bought and wrapped, the cake will be baked … but not today! I don’t actually put things of, I’m just busy doing other things (dare I say “more important things”? After all, and it pays to remember this before we all get sucked into this huge Christmas spending-fest, that it really is only one day in the year. I hope I don’t sound like Mrs Scrooge! I enjoy Christmas when it comes but detest the big build up from the beginning of September.)
    Margaret P

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