Perfect Pizza

pizza1Isn’t it great when a plan falls into place? I managed to get two nice pizza bases reduced to 69p from Sainsbury’s the other week and they have been sitting in the freezer waiting for an opportunity to use them. I have peppers and half a tin of sweetcorn to use up, plus cheese already grated from the veggie enchiladas we had last night so all good so far for pizza making. Then I realised we also had a whole packet of salsa, also from the enchiladas, that would make a perfect pizza topping. So, this morning before I was even dressed, I had thrown together two delicious looking pizzas to have with salad for our tea. Mega easy and mega cheap.

pizza2I am on a late shift today so will enjoy eating some pizza when I get home at 8.30 this evening.

Good news yesterday. I heard from the local language college that we will have our first student of the year coming in early March with more on the way. This will be a huge boon to my finances, especially after my news about getting a pay cut on Wednesday. We love the foreign students – they have so far been very sweet and interesting and a joy to have in the house. And I don’t really notice one more teenager! 🙂