We all love pancakes here, so are happy to stick with the tradition on Shrove Tuesday. Because we have our lovely Italian student here, we want to share this with her.

pancakesI made the batter last night – so easy that I really cannot understand why people feel they need to buy a packet or  pre-made version. I made a lot as we will use it up tomorrow if we don’t eat the lot tonight.

The recipe I use is pretty traditional: 220g plain flour, 4 eggs, 350ml milk, 150ml water,  and a pinch of salt. Whisk the eggs and flour together with the salt, and then gradually add in the liquid. I cook mine in vegetable oil rather than butter.

You need a good non stick frying pan and get it really hot. Put a teaspoon full of batter into it and when it starts to sizzle you know the pan is hot enough. Add just enough batter to coat the bottom of the pan – too thick and it’s not nice, too thin and it will burn! Use a palette knife to turn it.

The first one is always the worst! We eat them as we go whilst they are hot. I love lemon juice and sugar on mine. The girls prefer Nutella, and our Italian student loves that too. A real treat for me is pureed apple with a touch of mixed spice and sugar rolled up and served with a little cream. Mmmmm.

So much for losing weight. There is too much temptation!! Talking of which, the student’s parents run a bakery, and this is a present she brought for us. I can’t tell you how good they are 🙂biscuits3

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    Is anyone else in blogland having trouble getting onto google blogs or is it just me, I cant access my blog on any other blogspot blogs or use google to search.Good job you are on wordpress so I can contact you to find out. Just had our pancakes – has to be sugar and lemon here. What a delicious gift!


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