Out with the old! Decluttering for the New Year

I know that for many people the holidays are all about spending money in the sales but for us they also seem like the perfect time to have a clear out. Because we have two big sheds at the end of the garden they tend to get filled with a lot of clutter. They had got so bad you couldn’t get to anything. I don’t need clutter! I want my house to be scaled back and well organised.

imageToday was a lovely bright day; perfect for the job. We rolled up our sleeves and prepared to get covered in cobwebs. We had items in there we had forgotten about: an old TV cabinet, a double mattress, ancient portable TVs, various Freeview and DVD players that don’t work but were inexplicably kept just in case, a lawnmower purchased from eBay that never really did the job … You get the picture. Most of it the charity shops wouldn’t even want, so we filled up the car and had two trips to the tip. Luckily it wasn’t busy – sometimes cars are queuing out the door.

imageIt was hugely cathartic even if we were both filthy and starving at the end of it all!

4 thoughts on “Out with the old! Decluttering for the New Year

  1. We have one small shed, and an attic that desperately need the same treatment!
    It’s a very liberating feeling, isn’t it. 🙂

  2. I did this in the summer………. it felt very liberating. To paraphrase William Morris: do you use it and/or do you like it? I can get at stuff now, instead of moving everything that’s in the way. Well done!

  3. Such a job to tackle. We have cabinets lining the walls of our garage, so at least our stuff is hidden from view. It really stays pretty clean in those cabinets as well. Just sweep out occasionally on the floor and we are good!

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