Out with the old and in with the new! Shoestring Cottage resolutions for 2015

I love the new year! So much scope for new beginnings and renewed hope to make the changes in our lives that we need to, whether to improve our health, our relationships, our work situation or our finances. We can do this at any point during the year of course, but the New Year provides a point of focus and is a turning point for many people.

colchester castle I plan to carry on as I have been during 2014, but to really focus my attention on putting money away. I have some household projects that I would like to do, and I want to do more exercise and lose a bit of weight. I would love to take a holiday too – I know that some money savers would think this an unnecessary extravagance but for us it is really important. We love to travel and get away, but we do it as cheaply as possible.

 My top resolutions then:

Pay off credit card by April 2015. I don’t owe that much, but seem to have a small residue I can never quite get rid of!

Install the wood-burner. Mr S will do most of this, but we might need to get the chimney lined.

Save for a holiday.

Put away money for birthdays and Christmas.

Stick to a budget of £90 a week for food, including my Lactofree dairy products, cat food and cleaning stuff. This is going to be a challenge!!

Get quotes for some electrical work in the house and sort out a small loan through my bank. The lights in my daughter’s room and some of the power sockets in other rooms were all condemned over a year ago. I was quoted £1200 to get it sorted and just couldn’t afford to do anything about it at the time.  We have been managing with plug in lamps and lots of extension leads, but it’s not ideal. Now that I am better organised financially I will get some more quotes and bite the bullet to get this resolved this year, even if this does mean taking out a personal loan. I will do this as soon as the credit card is paid off.

Repaint the kitchen. I will also source bargain and second-hand accessories and a blind as and when I can.

Refurbish a lovely old dresser I have to go in the kitchen – this was in my parents’ house when I was a child. It is a small one and will be perfect but it needs repainting.

Do more exercise! I will stick with walking and yoga – both free.

Put money aside for the car tax and a contingency fund.

Give up alcohol and chocolate for the whole of January – my biggest challenge!!!!

To clean out one cupboard a week, starting with the kitchen cupboards. I am on a decluttering crusade!

colch castle We had a walk into town and around Colchester Castle to start off no 9, to get more exercise. It was windy and rather grey, but it blew away the cobwebs. It was nice to look round a few shops that were open without hoards of people.

 That’s it! I have publicly declared them so I now need to stick to them. What are your New Year’s resolutions?

3 thoughts on “Out with the old and in with the new! Shoestring Cottage resolutions for 2015

  1. Well done on all your New Years resolutions. I’m impressed!

    Just wanted to let you know what I did to help me buy a second hand car last year. Instead of paying the atrocious interest rate for a small bank loan, I got myself an interest-free credit card on purchases with 18months of no-interest. I worked out what I need to pay every month to make sure that the balance is paid off before the interest-free period comes to an end. But if all else fails, there are other interest free cards the balance could be moved to. Not sure if this helps 🙂

    Happy new year xxx

    • This is a great idea if you are disciplined enough not to use the card for other purchases. Im not! Thats why i can never get rid of the last £500 or so. This year I am determined and will then cut it up 🙂

  2. Good Luck with your new year resolutions. Mine are the same every year – eat less and spend less and if they worked I would be sylph like and a millionaire!

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