On Yer Bike!

bikeI forgot to show everyone my Christmas present from Mr Shoestring! His friend reconditions second-hand push bikes and he got me one. It is the most comfortable bike I have ever ridden and I am chuffed to bits with it. I felt like an over excited 6 year old when he dragged me down to the shed on christmas morning to show me it. It has a big basket and a bell, but he resisted putting ribbons on the handlebars ­čÖé (although there was a bit of tinsel!).

The christmas leftovers are finally eaten, with very little wasted. I intended to spend as little as possible when I went shopping this week by using up some of my store cupboard ingredients and the reduced meat I bought in Asda the other day. I am also still using this Autumn’s crop of pumpkins and leeks. However, I still managed to spend ┬ú65! I suppose it’s not too bad for four of us for a week and this did include cat food, toiletries and cleaning stuff. But I had intended to spend no more than┬á┬ú50. Still, I have quite a┬álot of food in the freezer that will be eaten┬ánext week too so hopefully can bring it down a bit next time.

This week’s meal plan is as follows:

Tonight – enchiladas, using a bargain kit from Approved Food and some yellow stickered chicken breast
Friday – vegetable and chick pea curry and rice
Saturday – pumpkin risotto (I will make more soup with the remaining pumpkin)
Sunday- yellow stickered pork loin with roast spuds and veg
Monday – chicken casserole and veg, using an Approved Foods sauce mix
Tuesday –┬áJacket spuds stuffed with tuna or beans, carrot salad
Wednesday – veggie stirfry and rice noodles

Hopefully I won’t need to buy anything else until next Thursday. So, is a ┬ú65 for groceries┬áfor a family of four adults too much? I know I could spend less by cutting out all the meat, but I am reluctant to do that at the moment. What do you spend per person?

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