On the Up

imageI was just driving into work enjoying the sun and the fact there wasn’t much traffic because it is the school holidays here. Quite cheerful for a Tuesday morning, and better than I was feeling a few months ago.

My finances are usually pretty much on a knife edge, but they were getting worse. I lost child benefit, maintenance and tax credits when DD2 went off to university, then I found out I was getting a pay cut. I did have some moments when I was very low, but being generally positive I knew I had to find ways to bring in some extra income.

Now the plan appears to be coming together! Having two months of paying no council tax has helped – it is paid over 10 months and you get February and March ‘free’. My new yoga class is doing well now and I have had two language students. Tonight we have someone coming to check us out from an agency which places students on a longer term basis with host families. They stay up to a year and attend the local school. Having another teen in the house suits me better than getting an adult lodger, which was the original plan. I am hoping we will get someone from september.

So, times have been tough but things are definitely looking better. I will be able to make my mortgage payments and loosen the belt maybe one notch