Now that we have exhausted all possibilities, let’s begin….

This is on the wall of my gym, with a big heading: Persistence. I remind myself of this when I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by life, when just surviving seems hard – when I can’t see how I can get where I want to be.

And I frequently do get overwhelmed! I struggle along most months. Sometimes I manage my finances better than others. Some months I feel I have more inspiration and energy. I enjoy planning my meals, keeping things simple and cheap, cutting my bills in whatever way I can. Sometimes I feel I can see the light at the end of the bit of the tunnel I am in 🙂

Other times, something happens – perhaps the car fails the MOT, or I get an unexpected bill – and I am suddenly back in the red and it just feels like too much of a hard slog. Or work is very hard and I feel too exhausted to watch every penny. I look at other people buying new cars and clothes and taking nice holidays, or even just going to the pub or restaurant, and I feel like I need a treat too.

FailureIt is these moments of weakness that I have to bring myself into check. I am lucky. I have a job, a loving and supportive partner (who is taking me on holiday next week!!), beautiful daughters, somewhere nice to live and my health. I can take a walk in the sunshine for free, I can bake a cake or a nice meal for pennies, I can afford a bottle of wine or some lovely chocolate from Aldi. I can get in the garden and dig. I can still manage my monthly gym payment and I always feel better for it. I can do some yoga. I can talk on the phone to my parents or friends.

Sometimes I need to give myself a talking to, get up, dust myself down and keep going!

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