Not Going to the Sales…

I am delighted to discover that I now have 50 followers 🙂 Welcome to Declutterbug for joining me on my ramblings!

Darling daughters no 2 and 3 braved the sales today in town and came back declaring them ‘pants’. I think things had been reduced so much before Christmas there weren’t too many more bargains to be had. I didn’t feel the need to go out to spend yet more money buying yet more stuff. The things I need require saving and a bit of graft – a new bit of guttering as we have had a small leak into the bedroom and a revamp of the electrics. This is a bigger job and requires funds that I currently don’t have, so will have to wait. In the meantime I can resist the lure of the shops very easily indeed.

The sales are good if you are buying something you really need at a greatly reduced price. I would love a comfy new sofa as ours is pretty awful now. In the past I would have given in to the lure of the buy now, pay in 6 months offer, or put it on the credit card and hoped to find enough money to pay it off. However, with my new determination to be frugal and have no debt, I will try to get one secondhand at some point this year, if I can save a couple of hundred pounds.

We are successfully working our way through the Christmas leftovers and had a lovely dinner tonight: 4 bird roast with sprouts and chestnuts, sausage meat stuffing, roast spuds and root veg, and delicious turkey gravy. All I had to do was plate it up and stick it in the microwave with a bit of extra mash to fill everybody up. I will try to force a bit of Christmas pudding or a mince pie on them all in a while!

I went to the gym this morning to counter some of the excess so I don’t feel guilty 🙂