Not Enough Hours in the Day!

I thought I would attempt a blog post this morning whilst the rest of the house is still asleep. It is quite nice in a way being up early on a sunny Sunday morning. The birds are singing loudly and the cats are bouncing about but other than that the world is quiet and there is no traffic.

I have struggled to find a spare few minutes to blog. Work was full on during Friday, I came home to do a large pile of ironing and I spent yesterday back in the hall painting. As for housework, who has the time? I have been doing a bit here and there, but only the bare essentials – the laundry and sorting food.

imageToday the garden beckons. There are some plants in the greenhouse that really need to go in the ground now but before that I need to do some weeding to prepare some space. Some of my neighbours trees need a good hack back too or they will starve my side of light. There are lots of seedlings that need potting on too. At least I enjoy this, especially on a beautiful day .

Before that I will get up and clean the bathroom and downstairs loo and wash the kitchen floor. I can’t let standards slip too low!

Is it just me? Does anyone else struggle to fit it all in?


0 thoughts on “Not Enough Hours in the Day!

  1. Julie

    Oh poor you…….I really feel for you! I know what it’s like to be a single mum and work full time – all it ever seems to be is working, cooking, cleaning and shopping! My four children are now grown up but I always felt I never had time to myself when they were younger. If I was you today – I would get your daughter to do a quick tidy up, make yourself a nice cup of coffee and sit out in that lovely garden of yours and re-charge your batteries – you deserve it!