No spend January 

I am avoiding the sales as there is so much I want to buy that I can’t afford. In an ideal world there would be enough left in the pot to take advantage of some bargains but there isn’t. The only exception will be Boots. I have a £25 voucher from Father Christmas so might take a peek at their reduced gift sets before the New Year. If there is nothing I fancy I will save it for toiletries and makeup as I need them. In the past I have bought Christmas cards, wrap and crackers at this time but I still have plenty to use for next year. 

To get the bank balance back in shape I am giving up spending  for a month on anything except food and essentials. No more snacking at work or sneaky coffees in town,  impulse buying books or any of the other things that can catch me out.

I would avoid town all together but have to go in on Friday to see the optician and change a jumper I bought for Mr S that doesn’t quite fit. So it will be in, parked and straight out again 😀.

The other weakness I have is for charity shops. Even if I go in with donated items I often can’t resist coming out with more stuff I probably don’t need. What are your weaknesses when it comes to spending? Anyone care to join me on my no spend month?

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  1. I have my son’s Birthday in Jan, but otherwise, NO. I am not spending anything on extras until Easter. If I keep to my plan, I will treat myself to an item of clothing at Easter.

    I am already saving on nectar points. We managed to have £60 off our Xmas shop using these, which was a great saving. Onward and forward to 2017.

    • Me too – I have my daughter’s but have money aside for that so I am allowed to spend on her

  2. I won’t say no spend but need to minimally spend. Deceber, while planned, for was too high. All 2017 needs to be basic and very planed out. Good luck to you.

      • I’ll be trying this too. It looks easy from here but there are 2 birthdays in the family, 15th and 25th and the middle of the month is always my downfall. Will be looking on here for encouragement! Good luck everybody ! My downfalls are charity shops and jumble sales !

  3. hi! am definately up for joining you in this ‘no spend january’ challenge! apart from essentials and cat food. will not be easy as i am quite weak-willed but doing it together will be good.

  4. I have committed to a low-spend January. My freezer is full and apart from cereal and milk, I will be spending very little on food. We have a voucher for a meal out which is something to look forward to mid month, and I will be on a girls night out for a friend’s 60th. Budget for that is £20 for the meal which is ample as I don’t drink. Resolution………. I will be buying no clothes at all until the summer.

  5. I hate shopping so do this most months anyway!
    Plants/gardening stuff in the summer tends to be my weak spot though.

  6. Final 2016 food shop this afternoon, (cat food and basics), then am going to be following challenge recommended by Radio 2’s Chris Evans – during january, aim to empty the freezer by using as much of the unused food already stored in the freezer & cupboards as possible, without buying additional items. Not actively attempted this before.

  7. Hi Jane, I am definitely going to attempt minimal spending not only in January but for the rest of the year! Our cupboards are fit to bursting so there is plenty to eat (my homemade Christmas cake is still going strong as well!). I am also going to have a ‘dry January’ and keep off the booze. Hopefully, this should help my finances recover. With best wishes for 2017. Stephanie

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