No spend January update 

When is a need actually really a want? My no spend January has raised a couple of tricky questions around this. For example, I ‘need’ some hair dye. I am getting a badger stripe across the top of my head that I am really not happy to face. 

I know if I was on a seriously low income I wouldn’t buy hair dye. If I was living on benefits I would let my hair grow long and grey and focus on keeping a roof over my head. 

In the event I have decided it can’t wait until February. I have bought a pack from Home Bargains for £3.65 and that will do two lots of root retouch up so will last into March. My hair could do with a trim but that can definitely wait!

As I blogged yesterday the girls paid with their Christmas vouchers to take us to the cinema. To thank them we bought cheap snacks from the cinema. Again, not an actual necessity, but as the film started at 1 pm we didn’t bother with lunch so I feel justified in spending £6 on this for the five of us. 

So I suppose strictly speaking I have already failed my own challenge! But I’m not down about it. I am loving being able to say to myself and others, ‘No, I don’t need that. I am on a no spend month’. If I have the odd small failure I’m not going to be discouraged!

Are you on a no spend month? How is it going?

12 thoughts on “No spend January update 

  1. I think you have the right approach to this, you are still being sensible with your spending but being unhappy with your hair would have made you not feel so good about yourself perhaps and its not vanity, you are an attractive lady who looks after yourself. Some people might spend over £3 on one drink on a night out ! We are trying to be sensible but we also don’t panic if a portion of chips invades our space by invitation! I suppose it ‘s all about balance, we are so lucky not to have a mortgage but do qualify for pension credit at the moment, this will only be until November and we are very grateful for it,my husband worked for 47 years but had to retire a year early so income dropped dramatically but we feel blessed to have had work and a comfortable standard of living, it is not so easy for our children. The challenge of making frugal meals has been a good one and we still manage to give a little to the food bank.

  2. I’m considering it a low spend month, extra evaluation of every purchase, kind of month. I’ve been only moderately disciplined.

  3. I think the word we’re looking for her is “flexibility” . You are just buying in January what you might otherwise buy in February, so you can take if off the February total as you won’t need hair dye next month. And believe me, this is very much cheaper than going to the hairdresser as I do for highlights, cut and finish, a amount which would make you shudder, so don’t beat yourself up about having fallen off the no-spend January by a few pounds. It will boost your morale if you colour your hair and get rid of the Mrs Badger look, too, and that can only be good!
    Margaret P

  4. I set myself an extra low budget at the start of January. The month is only just over half way through but the budget is about 70% spent which leads me to conclude that my usual monthly budget which is already pared right down is probably as low as I can go. My “nothing new to wear until Summer” rule has been revised to a challenging “no new clothes at all in 2017”. Now that will be a hard one. But if we’re talking NEED rather than want, then I probably could last at least two years. Ha ha

    • Are you allowed to buy secondhand? That is doable. I get a lot of mine from boot sales in the summer

      • I do use eBay quite a lot but I decided that even that is out…….at least for the time being. Love your blog, by the way. X

  5. Not too badly.
    I’m less than halfway though my grocery budget and about 31% through my miscellaneous budget which covers anything that isn’t food, bills/direct debits and petrol! 🙂
    Where I’m falling down is on my eating out budget – I’m over 60% though my budget there! Too many lunches at Subway! 🙁

    I was very pleased that after I totted up December’s budget I came in at a whopping 79p in credit, so I’m determined to build on that this month! 😀

  6. I’m partaking in an Uber Frugal Month Challenge this month through I’ve had a lot of success but it has not been completely perfect but I’ve managed to put $1K extra in our savings account. My husband and I used gift cards to go to the movie theater as well and even managed to have a nice meal out using gift cards as well. Total cost: + $.01 (I found a penny as we were walking to the theater. 🙂 By the way, we watched the awesome movie “Hidden Figures”.

  7. Our weather has had 4 snowfalls in the last 5 weeks, with the last one hanging around for a week, due to sub-freezing temps. Normally we have an overnight snowfall every few years!!
    So being confined to the homes with little driving unless absolutely necessary has kept the expenses low for those of us who DON’T do on-line shopping!!

  8. I gave up hair colour about three years ago not because of the cost, because I bought the 99p dye from the pound shop, no because each time I washed my hair the brush was clogged with knotted mated hair. Now as I have thin hair to begin with enough was enough so I had my long(ish ) hair cut to a very short “pixie style” and am now a long bob “grey fox” who trims her own fringe. Not only have I saved on hair dye (I have never spent much on hair cuts ) my hair is in superb condition and I gat asked about who dresses my hair and what colour shade do I use. The answer no colour, Lidl sampoo and conditioner both under 50p, home trimmed nil cost Win win.

    • You are lucky you are a nice shade of grey. I will go for it at some point…not yet though.

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