No OCD here: cleaning instead of decorating?

Tidy houseI have watched a few episodes of Channel 4’s Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners recently. Although I have been as shocked by the illness of OCD as I have by the terrible state of some of the participants’ houses, one thing stood out for me. This is that a very ordinary house with décor that is out of date and a bit tatty, can look great when it is fabulously clean, tidy and clutter free.

I have mentioned elsewhere that my own humble abode was previously inhabited by Mr and Mrs Bodger, and that it is looking distinctly unloved in certain areas. In the absence of any time and money to do what I would like to do and redecorate throughout, replace the rotten badly fitted kitchen, as well as the rather old and shabby bathroom, I have decided to take a leaf out of the OCD suffers’ book!

I am not intending to get up at 4 am and clean for 5 hours a day, but I do intend to do a little often and well, rather than give everywhere what my mother would call a lick and a promise at the weekend and never clean anywhere really thoroughly!

I am reasonably clutter free but I do have piles of papers everywhere that need sorting, so this will be my job this evening.

I need to get Mr Shoestring and the Shoestring Girls on board with this, as it is mostly them that makes all the mess!!