Need to get organised!!!

My store cupboard is in a shocking state, I am ashamed to say! I had an Approved Food order delivered at the same time as I did my weekly shop, it was a busy evening and everyimagething ended up shoved and squeezed in all over the place.

This is not a good situation for the frugal cook. You need to know what you have in your store cupboard so that you can plan your meals around what is available, use things up and make sure you don’t waste money buying things you already have.

I have a free evening tomorrow so I will stick on the Archers on Radio 4 and get it sorted!

I do know that there is lots if food in the house though, with my stores and the fresh veg in the garden, so this week’s grocery shop should be minimal.

I intend to eat very little meat and will use just enough to stop the troops moaning about rabbit food. They don’t appreciate that I am managing to keep them and my bank balance healthy, and saving the planet at the same time!

There has been a lot on the news recently about western countries eating far too much meat. From an environmental point of view, red meat is particularly bad, as it’s production creates a lot of greenhouse gases and large areas of land are given over to beef and animal feed particularly.

I will tell them this next time they complain and hope it leaks into their consciences somewhere. We can but try!!

3 thoughts on “Need to get organised!!!

  1. Let us know how your organizing goes! I’m doing the same thing here. If I might (very humbly) say, there have been food fads and trends for a long time… my whole lifetime. Eggs were supposed to be one of the worst foods for you in the 1970s and 1980s, and now they’re considered a super food. Low-to-no fat was the battle cry in the 1990s, and then (at least in America), obesity began to rise at an alarming rate because food manufacturers were adding lots of sugar/corn starch to make low fat foods taste better. Also, without fat, folks began eating more to feel satisfied. Next came evil carbs, and yet diabetes rose to the highest ever levels. So, yeah, we don’t eat beef as much anymore because it’s just too darned expensive. But I’ve always loved that this blog was so down-to-earth and “real life”. It was fun and comforting to know I’m not the only one who struggles to make ends meet.

    • You’re right about this, of course. Everything in moderation I reckon with lots of fresh fruit and veg chucked on for good measure. They say the war time British diet was the best, which contained just a little meat, fat and sugar

  2. I’m forever getting my cupboards organized, and they are forever getting themselves unorganized! Mine are dark and inconvenient heights and things can easily get lost. Good luck with getting yours done.

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