Need to get a little lighter

I am so lucky. I thought I wouldn’t have a holiday at all this year but now Mr Shoestring’s mum has given us a week in Tenerife at her timeshare as she can’t use it. I still wouldn’t be able to go because I just can’t afford it so Mr Shoestring is going to pay for my flight. All I need to find is a bit of spending money, but if the weather is nice we should be able to keep that to a minimum.

Mr Shoestring asked me if I had my bikini ready but there is no way I would wear one!

I have been ignoring the extra half a stone I am carrying for some months now but the prospect of wearing skimpy clothes is focussing my attention. I have already upped my exercise so now I need to look at my diet.

I am not one for counting calories or following a fancy expensive diet, so I am just cutting back on carbs, fat and sugar. I’m cutting back on food generally!

Today I had a bowl of porridge for breakfast and a ham roll with mustard and no butter, plus three pieces of fruit for my lunch. Tea will be chicken with the skins removed, a small baked potato and broccoli. I am the worst for snacking in the evenings, so I have Ryvitas and cottage cheese at the ready, and I will knock the glass of white wine that I often give into on the head except at weekends.

As I have made a public declaration I have to stick to it!

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  1. sam shearing

    we gave up bread and use wraps instead, they are more costly but as bread was gone so was butter lost 4 pounds with out trying.

  2. AuntLeesie

    I know it’s a trend to look at carbs as “fat producers”, but according to diabetic nutrition, it’s more about how you combine foods. Take a sandwich… use 2 slices whole grain bread, plus lean protein, lettuce, tomato (and/or any other veggies you like), go light on the mayo and it’s a very healthy combo; healthier in fact than w/o the bread. Add more veggies wherever you can. I’m betting Mr. Shoestring thinks you look terrific just as you are. 🙂 For lighter fare, there’s little better than soup!

  3. luxeformuchless

    Great news on the holiday. I’ve just found some really cheap flights so am really hoping to get something booked, it’s good for the soul to get away! The good thing about your menu is it sounds more like a healthy eating plan which is what I have also been doing. Swapping the odd dinner for a bowl of home made soup has saved us money as well as filling us up. The soup I made with the 9p bag of parsnips I got was delicious. x

    1. AuntLeesie

      A super fast & easy vegetable stock as a soup base can be made by boiling up the trimmings of onion, celery and any other vegetables (except potatoes) in a large pot of water for about 15-20 minutes, cooling and storing in a repurposed juice container in the fridge door. It’ll last a few weeks. Then you can use the stock with just about any leftovers chopped up, or vegetables on sale. Bits of leftover ham or pork are great with broccoli, for example. Chicken works well with carrots, onion, an apple and curry powder. Throw in a handful of dry lentils to make richer soup, or add leftover baked potato and blend for cream of anything soup… broccoli, carrot, celery, mushroom, squash, tomato, etc. Those parsnips sound yummy!


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