I have been feeling a bit defeated  by life over the past week. Having no money, worrying about how I will pay the bills – it feels relentless. I think the combination of the weather and getting a pay cut last month is catching up with me! When I can see no light at the end of the tunnel, I look at this:

imageI have it stuck to my PC at work and on the fridge door! So I am not ready to give in or give up….

I need to bring in some more money so I have printed off a load of my yoga CVs, which I will send out to all of the gyms and health clubs in the area tonight.

I also plan to get on with tidying up the house decor, on a shoestring budget of course! At the moment I don’t feel I can comfortably get a long term lodger as the ads for house shares and rooms to let locally all seem to be in brand new, very smart houses bought as buy to lets. Shoestring Cottage looks very tatty in comparison!

At least I have a foreign student booked for a week in March, and more coming over the summer, so that should swell the coffers in the meantime.

Until then, I need to stay focused and determined and be thankful for what I have 🙂


0 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. luxeformuchless

    I think you deserve a pat on the back for all you do! I’ve only been blogging for just over a month but I read back on all your posts when I first found you as they were so motivational. You do an amazing job managing the house and the budget. Maybe ring round a few gyms and speak to the manager to see if you could hold some classes there. Alternatively I’d look for another job, I really don’t think the pay cut is acceptable although I understand why a company would have to do this but as you are a one income family, it’s made life so much harder. I’m sure great things are round the corner for you xx

    1. ChickenladyJane Post author

      I have thought about a new job, and even looked, but there is little around and mine is pretty safe, I enjoy it, it is local and I have a decent pension building up, so I’m not desperate to leave. However, if I saw something paying another £5K I would be off!!

  2. AuntLeesie

    Hang in there! You’re doing terrific… even though it doesn’t feel like it. A few tweaks could help. For example, your daughter would like more meat (complaints on the home front always make me feel worse)… so why not teach her some money saving prep in the kitchen? For example, I’ve taught my sons how to skin and bone chicken for when it goes on sale at 79 cents to 99 cents (US) per pound. Then I’ve had them make broth from the bones, and cut/sort the meat into meal-sized freezer bags. We’ll cook up the meat for one meal and freeze the rest (plus broth) for other meals. It’s helped them to see how much it costs AND saves to eat well with homemade prep and proper proportions. Think about an informal food co-op. Soon, your student will be there. It’s all good.

  3. AuntLeesie

    Almost forgot… I also have my sons (and DH) peel/cut veggies when time doesn’t allow for me to do it, because it saves so much overall than buying pre-prepped, even on sale. Non-food savings could be to turn the heat down during winter months, wearing layers instead, and possibly arranging a carpool to work so you buy less gasoline? You may do all of that already. I read your blog because you’re just a normal gal like me, trying to get by. You inspire me!

    1. ChickenladyJane Post author

      You’re absolutely right about the cooking and I have done that since my daughters were little. I wanted them to be self sufficient but actually it’s incredibly helpful now that I work full time. DD3 made dinner last night so that I could go to the gym 🙂 thanks

  4. Linne

    I wouldn’t give up on having a boarder, you know. Not everyone loves new and ‘high-end’ places. I’ve always preferred homey places and I’m quite sure I’m not alone in that. Those fancy new places make me twitchy and uncomfortable. I think you have the skills and determination to survive this setback. And who knows? another door will open, taking you somewhere unexpected . . . It’s happened to me in the past . . . hang in there, eh? ~ Linne
    p.s. I like how Aunt Leesie is teaching her kids about economical cooking. My Mum taught me pretty much the same way. ~ L.