More small steps to frugality

Phew! This week is flying by! I feel as if I am running just to keep up with myself. It is easy to feel that I haven’t achieved anything sometimes, although I know that I have.


This is what happens when I go to get the washing in!!

This is what happens when I go to get the washing in!!.

I have a ton of laundry to sort – I have managed to keep on top of the washing and drying but not the sorting and ironing. Thankfully the weather has been mild and I can dry it outside.

I have just about managed to get in the garden a couple of evenings after work to pick the veg. It gets dark so early now and I have been trying to locate runner beans in the dusk a few times. I froze some beans one evening, but there are huge bags of tomatoes and courgettes that need processing in some way and freezing. I hope to do that this weekend, although I am teaching an extra yoga class on Saturday. I’m not saying no to any way to earn a few extra pounds at the moment!

So what have my frugal achievements been this week?

I bought a beautiful velvet skirt for £4 in a charity shop
I haven’t done a proper food shop for a fortnight – been living out of the larder and from the garden
All laundry has been line dried
I have picked and frozen some runner beans
I have picked lots of courgettes and tomatoes too for processing at the weekend
I worked overtime on Sunday for double time
I am covering an extra yoga class on Saturday

If only I could afford to work part time. I could do everything I need to with an extra day a week at home and could be lots more frugal. Mind you if I went part time I would need to be!

One thought on “More small steps to frugality

  1. Linda Kay

    You make me tired to reading what all you have done. I’m definitely not as frugal as you….no garden, dry most clothes in the dryer, etc. Great job with the gardening and preserving.


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