More reasons to love Aldi

Well, you know I am a huge fan of the discount supermarkets, especially Aldi, since that is my nearest one (although Lidl is coming soon and will actually be even closer). Yesterday I did a week’s shop for 3-4 of us for a week for £55. I didn’t need all that much as I had done a big shop the week before. As I had a shorter list I allowed myself to look at some of the interesting bits and bobs in the central aisles. 

One of the things that caught my eye was a Sweet Freedom Choc Shots bottle, basically liquid chocolate made with no sugar. It is sweetened with fruit juice. Yesterday we had it on ice cream for dessert and before bed I made some hot chocolate. It was delicious. There is a fruit syrup version that I think would be lovely on porridge so I will look out for that. It is vegan, gluten free and suitable for diabetics. 

I also got some magic eraser sponges. I had seen these before but the Aldi ones were cheap enough to be worth a try. They work well with minimal effort and got a load of dirty marks off the wall in the hallway where we chuck our shoes in a basket. The pix show before and after. I will be interested to see if they really do work on ovens and tougher jobs.

DD3 had her first driving lesson yesterday which she was very excited about. The instructor said she was a natural and they seem to have driven for miles. I bought her four lessons to say well done on her A level results and her dad did the same. After that she is on her own so let’s hope she gets a job soon!

6 thoughts on “More reasons to love Aldi

  1. We don’t have Aldi over here (too little country, I guess), but we do have Lidl -and it happens to be almost closest store for us. And yes, I use it on regular basics. When we spent 45-60 litres of milk, even several cents by liter makes effort during the year. Also vegetables and fruits are often in lower price, not to mention cheese and greese… I don’t buy everything from Lidl, but great deal, and would be delighted if there would be Aldi, too.

  2. The magic sponges are good for bringing up uPVC and woodwork. I’m also a fan of astonish paste, which is £1 a tub in the cheapy shops if I need something with a little more oomph. A little goes a long way and shifts dirt that other cleaners won’t touch.

    I know that you are trying to cut down on cleaning materials for financial and environmental reasons. Have you considered a steam cleaner? You can clean without chemicals and it makes light work of some of the grottiest cleaning tasks around the home. I’m evangelical about mine, but it is one of the best investments I’ve made.

    • Yes! I now have one! It is a steam mop so good for the floors. I have a hand held one but never think to use it for general cleaning like skirtings etc so will have a try

  3. I’m a Lidl Lady – you’re going to love them!
    My younger daughter just had her first driving lessons, and is also a natural, unlike her older sister who is still struggling to pass her test!

  4. I use those magic sponges on all the hard to clean spots…after cutting them in half…now you have me thinking steam cleaner…

  5. The Choc Shot’s fab. I bought it too, about £2.80 (I think), much cheaper than £3.50 price in Sainsburys and the Co-op.
    Lidl & Aldi both offer such low prices and the quality’s great Also, I love the fact there’s less choice. If you want canned sweetcorn there’s one variety. Kidney beans? One variety. No staring in bewilderment at dozens of different brands, trying to figure out which one’s best value. Love their special buys too. I bought a mini sewing machine the other day in Aldi. £14.00 as opposed to the £40 models in Argos or Hobbycraft. Ker-ching!

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