More dental woes, and preserving the summer glut for a frugal winter

  I can’t believe I am still suffering from dental pain! I went to the dentist and he said it was a cracked filling then booked me in for a months time! The pain went from bed to excruciating over the weekend and I had to find an emergency dentist on Sunday morning who told me I had an infection so she couldn’t do anything except give me antibiotics and to go back to my regular dentist.  I have an appointment tomorrow and just hope he can sort it. 

  However it still hurts a lot and I have had two days off work with it – very unusual for me but I can’t sleep and am a bit out of it with all the painkillers I have been taking. I can’t believe one little tooth can cause so much trouble, and I daren’t think how much it will cost if I have to have a root canal treatment. I am seriously considering dental insurance for the future. I have rarely had problems, but I’m getting older and so are my gnashers!!

  I tried to distract myself today by pickling more cucumbers, making tons of courgette soup for the freezer and making a nice vat of ratatouille for tea tonight, which is soft enough for me to eat if I mash it up a bit. I feel like a baby!! All my food is currently in purée form.

The courgettes, tomatoes, peppers and onions in the ratatouille are all from the veg patch, so I am very happy with that. It’s delicious, if I say so myself.

Thd pickled cucumber recipe is here if you fancy it. It’s really yummy, sweet and crunchy!

6 thoughts on “More dental woes, and preserving the summer glut for a frugal winter

  1. Jane, hope you get better with the tooth problems soon. I’m having my rounds with the dentist also, but am not in pain until he sticks me with a needle!

  2. I can tell you how much for root canal because I’ve just had 2 done at about £1000 each! I need a third doing but I’m just going to have it pulled out. I just can’t afford it and I can’t get an NHS dentist so have to pay private. To add insult to injury dentist says the two he has done also need capping at another £500 each. I wondered why he was always going on holiday……now I know. Ps. It’s only £80 for him to pull it out but he’s very keen to “save” the tooth. Must be going club class.

    • Yikes! This is supposed to be the nhs! Mine will come out if it doesn’t get better. I now have the old filling out and a temporary dressing in and it’s feeling a bit better. A work colleague is going to Spain to get hers done as she has been quoted just £180 for a root canal there! Certainly worth considering. Can’t understand why it is so expensive here.

  3. You poor thing! Your dentist should have realized that the tooth might get abscessed and given you meds when you went to prevent that. Abscess’s can be dangerous. Sure hope it is sorted soon!

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