More decluttering

I love a bit of decluttering


These were spilling over!

I cleared out yet more bags of stuff on Sunday, another five, so a great bit of decluttering. The charity shop loves me!

I don’t know where all this stuff comes from! I never seem to buy much. I do sometimes keep things ‘ just in case’ but there has to be a limit. I cleared the three baskets above the linen cupboard in my bedroom and found about 20 toiletry and makeup bags. Some of them I don’t recall ever seeing. This is what happens when you have three daughters but two of them no longer live here. We don’t need 20!

I also found various ancient hairdryers and hair curlers and some presents that I had bought for the emergency gift box and forgotten were there. I will use some of these at Christmas.

I also cleared out a huge box of scarves, hats and gloves. We can only wear one lot at a time and I figure if I haven’t worn something for a couple of years I never will.

A bit of a hoarder

Mr S does not like the decluttering process as he is a bit of a hoarder. He is sure I will throw things away that will come in handy down the line. I am careful not to do that. He is great at remembering what he has and will have just the right piece of wood/ screw/ object for the job. So I won’t be touching the sheds unless he is there in case I get rid of ‘treasure’.

I find it quite cathartic to declutter, but it does mean I have been neglecting the garden. As I work full time my weekends get pretty packed but I am determined to spend a day out there this weekend. As ever, too much to do and too little time to do it!

4 thoughts on “More decluttering

  1. Ooooh I love a de-clutter. I have recently gone through our hat, scarf and glove bag; some have gone to the charity shop, some of Harry’s passed to Alfie. I also got round to washing Alfie’s waterproof set and Jon’s trousers ready for the winter. My next thing is the couple of boxes in one of the cellar rooms so Jon can finish work on it for it to become our Doomsday Preppers room.

      • Oh it is a joke we have at home. We used to watch a tv prog called Doomsday Preppers about people who were preparing for whatever disaster they thought may occur and they always had a store of food/supplies to keep them going. The room is named that as I plan to use it to store veg, preserves etc once the project is finished.

  2. I love your post as I am doing exactly that this week. I have eventuality got a big new cupboard in our utility room, and am in the process of getting rid of stuff before I start to fill it with stuff we need to go in there. I am amazed at how much rubbish we have tucked away. Then I am going to attack the bedroom! ! Unfortunately I am hampered this week as I have just had a cortisone injection in my ankle so am going carefully. Enjoy the rest of your decluttering.

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