Monster Chocolate Birthday Cake

It’s darling daughter no 3’s 16th birthday today. How can I have 3 daughters over the age of 16? it is a cliche I know, but time goes so fast!

We had lunch with her grandparents yesterday to celebrate and today she is going to dinner and the cinema with her dad and my eldest daughter.

monster cakeWe will have lunch here together first though and a slice of the Hairy Bikers chocolate cake I have made. It is an absolute monster cake! I think it will last quite a few days. It looks delicious and, apart from the cream, it was made completely from ingredients I had in the store cupboard.

So, happy birthday to my lovely girl.  As the song goes, ‘She don’t know she’s beautiful!’ Well, she is! (Takes after her mother…)

The recipe is here is you fancy it:

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