Money Saving and Strawberries

I felt dreadful last night – I think I managed to pick up one of the office lurgies. By lunchtime today I had finally started feeling human again, so had a shower and sat outdoors in the sun watching the kitten exploring.

But with extra time on my hands I couldn’t sit still for long, and managed to plant up my little strawberry plants – they grew on suckers from the old plants, which were no longer very productive. I also planted a few seeds – some grasses and Cosmos. I want to put the latter against the picket fence at the front of the house to give a nice summer display.

strawberries strawberries2

I then decided to ring Talk Talk – I had received a leaflet through the door offering TV, unlimited broadband and free evening and weekend calls for £22.90 a month, with a Freeview box chucked in and 3 months free movies. You can pause the TV and catch up, but you can’t record. I currently pay £45 a month with Virgin Media for their most basic package (although this does allow me to record) so this is quite a saving. However, I was on the phone for nearly an hour! The nice Indian gentleman did thank me for being so polite and said many customers were very rude and abusive. Not me – I have worked in call centres for 13 years in all and I know what it is like to be on the receiving end. Why do people think it is OK to be vile just because they cannot see the other person, or because they happen to be based in India? We all have to make a living for goodness sake!