Money saving and money making tips 

A friend and work colleague recently discovered my blog and has given me a good tip for putting money into savings. She has a banking app on her phone and can access both her current and savings account from this at any time. If she makes a purchase of a discounted item, be it on sale or yellow stickered, rather than simply congratulating herself on a wise buy she immediately transfers the amount saved into her savings account. She does this whatever the item is – food, clothes, household goods, etc. 

I think this is a great tip! Of course, it won’t work if you are only buying the item because it is on sale and wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise. It is food for thought though and you could create a healthy nest egg with very little effort.

Another useful thing she does is to rent out her driveway during the week as she lives in the centre of town. Whilst she is at work her drive is earning her money, which she receives in cash, so she makes this last for all her miscellaneous expenses during the week – that loaf of bread or pint of milk that might otherwise mean a trip to the cash point. 

You need to use the resources you have and be creative to make the most of your hard earned cash,and she is certainly doing that.

Personally, we don’t live close enough to town to rent our driveway, but we do have a spare room and take in foreign language students on a short term basis. I currently have two very nice French 16 year olds!

We have decided to use the room to create a more regular income and will be decorating it in the next few weeks and advertising for a lodger. We didn’t really want to go down this road as we value our space and privacy but we have a small back room that we have used as a dining room in the past. This is now going to become the lodger’s sitting room, so no need for awkward negotiations over the tv remote 😊. I hope we can find somebody nice.

I also used to teach yoga to make a little extra but this proved a real bind after a busy working day so it is on hold for the moment. I will start a new class at some point I expect.

What do you do to help you create a nest egg?

3 thoughts on “Money saving and money making tips 

  1. It sounds counter-intuitive, but in the U.S., banks pay little to nothing in interest for basic savings accounts, so while we do have bank savings (and are building it up), I maintain “slush” in the checking account at all times. This gives me the ability to only shop sales for everything from food to car tires without touching savings or using a credit card. For example, grocery store meat sales cycle about every 6 weeks where I can stock up on meats for as low as 89 cents per pound for whole chickens and pop them in the big freezer (free from a neighbor). Or when we knew my DH’s car was going to need new tires, and Costco had a sale on them, we had cash on hand. When a style of bra I wear was discontinued and marked down more than 50% at a store with an extra 20% off for one week, I was able to buy multiples to store away. I won’t need to buy bras for years. Re. making money? I’m still trying to come up with ideas.

  2. We live in a small rural farming town. In the past, I have sold cherries from our tree to make some extra cash. We just had a yard sale that brought in a bit of money and I will be selling some furniture and exercise equipment online. The college students in some of the neighboring towns are making their way back and they are always looking for furniture and stuff to fill their apartments with. 🙂

  3. Last year I decided to save all the spare coins in my purse (i.e., pennies up to 50p’s) towards Christmas shopping. When I opened the tin at the beginning of December I had 180 pounds! Delighted obviously and I am doing the same this year. It’s surprising how quickly the small amounts build up.

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