Mid week doldrums

Life’s a beach

I’m feeling a little flat. I think it’s because I can see hopeful signs that spring is on its way but it’s taking too damn long to get here! Yesterday was grey and wet. It was busy and stressful at work and I had a crashing head and neck ache for most of the day. Luckily today I feel a bit better. 

I need a bit of sunshine!

What I need is some decent weather at the weekend so that I can get out and tidy up the garden. I find gardening so therapeutic; the combination of being out in the fresh air and creating a bit of order has such a great effect on how I feel. 

The problem with our garden is that there is so much of it and not enough free time to keep it really nice. We are trying to make it lower maintenance by planting lots of flowering shrubs, but they are expensive so this is a slow process. Nonetheless it is so satisfying when the flowers arrive along with the sunshine. I can see the daffodils poking up already. 

Our home from home in Wales

I will cheer myself up today and book our regular week at a small holding in Wales. It is such a cheap holiday in a little old caravan but such a beautiful place that we keep going back.

Anyone else got the winter blues?

8 thoughts on “Mid week doldrums

  1. I work as a Teaching Assistant so am on half term break. I love my job but unfortunately going anywhere in the school hols is expensive and always busy. Not good for someone who doesn’t like crowds. Your holiday place is perfect but sadly we couldn’t take our dog and don’t really want to put her in kennels. Otherwise it sounds like my idea of heaven. Your garden is lovely. I am sure you will feel much better when you can get out there. Love your blog and enjoy reading everything. Made one of your veggie recipes the other day which I loved and went down a storm with my meat eating husband and 19 year old. Thank you.

  2. Me too! Have been feeling very fed up for a few days now.. it’ll pass, it always does, but in the meantime life seems to require a lot more effort than usual – you’re definately not alone. Hurry up Spring!! 2 years ago I set up a ‘thank-you’ jar, (in reality, an old jam jar). Most days when I’m boiling the kettle for first coffee of the day, I get a small srap of paper and write down one thing I’m grateful for and put it in the jar; it’s fantastic on blues-days to open this jar, and read a couple of these scraps. Nothing major and nobody sees what I write: some days it’s just a note that says ‘I got out of bed on time’!: other days I write down something that’s happened the day before, or someone I know. It’s not a life-changer but it does help me a bit when I need a boost and re-read the odd note or2.

  3. For some strange reason I’m not feeling the winter blues. Most likely I guess because I personally don’t feel that we are having much of a winter (and this despite the fact that I was without heating for a week when it was regularly down to -5 degrees). Odd really but I don’t care about the cold and since we seem to be having constant sunshine I can live with that. It’s not good for the ski resorts of course as they need to make their money, but if the sun stays out and the snow in the mountains I feel great. Of course that doesn’t mean winter is over but it feels like it is on the way. I was in Geneva’s botanical gardens yesterday and you can just sense the primroses about to make that final push, but it hasn’t happened so far. Just another couple of weeks I guess. Anna

  4. Sorry to hear you are down, but with a work and a headache, it’s no wonder you were feeling low. I’m not feeling low but I do get more lethargic in winter. We must not forget we are animals although, of course, human animals and many animals hibernate. I go into a state of semi-hibernation in winter, and as I’m retired and don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn in the dark, I do lie in bed until it’s properly light, sipping at least one if not two mugs of coffee and reading until I feel fully awake. Not that I ever feel fully awake in winter! I don’t get S.A.D. but I do function less well in the long dark days.
    But now we have some daffs in bloom in the garden (just a few in a sunny, sheltered spot) and a pot of purple crocus is in bloom, I do feel brighter and will, today, continue with some much-needed cleaning. But first I must make a beef stew (we seldom have beef but I will make it with peppers and paprika and serve it with new potatoes for supper) and then clear a pile of ironing. Husband does most of the ironing, but he’s cleaning the car and I can’t expect him to do everything! I have been busy writing my latest piece for a magazine and as I was on deadline, that took priority, so house is a bit of a mess as we speak. But I will soon knock it into shape!
    Your place in Wales looks lovely! No wonder you like to go there each year!
    Hope you are feeling better soon.
    Margaret P

  5. Sorry to read you haven’t felt well, that directly impacts mood and outlook. Your Wales holiday sounds wonderful. It is always nice to have something to look forward to, isn’t it? I’ve had post-flu bronchitis for what feels like weeks despite not living in a heavily winterized place, so I am definitely looking forward to April. Thanks for your wonderful blog and I hope you feel better.

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