Memories of a Lovely Summer

J and J Wales

With Mr Shoestring at Portmeirion

At this time of the year, when I arrive at work in the dark and leave work in the dark, I can understand how people feel who suffer from SAD. The lack of daylight is so unnatural! I am trying to combat this by having a walk during my lunch break – just 15 minutes or so – but even that has been tricky recently as it is hard to keep dry in driving rain when the wind keeps turning your brolly inside out!!

Nice to see you...

Nice to see you…

Seeing the awful flood damage in Aberystwyth on the news, I was thinking of our caravan holiday in the area last summer. We had the most amazing weather when we visited, including a fabulous day picnicking on Aberystwith beach and browsing the shops. We also had a trip to Portmeirion, and the photos look positively Mediterranean! It’s hard to believe that students at the university behind me had to be evacuated this week because of the high water levels, and that the promenade where we sat to eat our sandwiches has been so badly battered and damaged.

I hope the weather improves and that those who have been flooded out get the chance to clean up and move on. In the meantime, I will have to count my blessings and enjoy my memories of a beautiful and happy summer to keep me going through the winter months.