Making extra money

Our nice French student went home today. He was a lovely guest and it was a real pleasure to have him. We make so many friends and find out about different cultures by hosting foreign students. It is a very enjoyable way to make extra cash and I recommend it if you have a language school nearby.

I am hoping it is a busy year for students as it helps so much with our finances.

This weekend will include a tour of the charity shops. As DD3 has had no luck finding a part time job to fit around college we thought we would search for bargains to resell on Depop to make her a bit of cash. I am stunned at what you can flog at quite high prices if it can be classed as vintage! We may not be able to get going properly on this until the boot sale season begins. Wish I had kept some of my ugly 80’s clothes!!

More cupboard decluttering is required now; I am starting on repainting the dresser for my kitchen this week and then will repaint the kitchen itself. I want the kitchen as ordered as possible before the chaos starts.

Any interesting plans for the weekend?



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