Making extra money with a lodger 

It’s been a busy week at work trying to get lots of jobs done as I am off all next week. Most of this will be spent decorating. There is a lot to do but we are hoping to finish it. We are making our small dining room into a sitting room so that we can start advertising for a lodger. If they have a bedroom and their own lounge they won’t impact quite so much on our space. We will obviously have to share the bathroom and kitchen.

I hope we will find someone nice! We generally enjoy having our short term language students but if we don’t we know they are only here for a few weeks. A lodger is a whole new ball game and I admit to feeling nervous.

The bedroom is in quite good shape but the sitting room can be very cold in the winter so we will be using insulating wallpaper, putting foil behind the radiator, getting lots of rugs for the floor and buying thermal curtain linings.

We will also need to decorate and insulate the downstairs loo but I don’t know if that will be achieved this week. We shall see!

Have you had a lodger? What are your tips?

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  1. I have plenty of room here, two spare bedrooms, but I am not used to living with anyone so I would find it difficult. Good luck with that, a good way to make a bit of extra cash.

  2. Contact Police Station, local hospital, big stores such as M&S and large local companies. All these often have managers/ staff who are in the area for a few weeks at a time and might prefer a homely place rather than a hotel. I knew someone who did this with BT for years and she had people who would come for maybe 4,6,8 weeks at a time. They often went home at weekends so it gave her a break from having someone in her house all the time. Just a thought. Good luck

  3. I think it is important to have some form of contract and to set out acceptable ” ground rules” especially delicate matters like friends and family visiting or girlfriends or boyfriends staying over because you want them to feel at home but in turn you want to feel comfortable. Small things like loo rolls,towels etc, do they provide their own and what do you include in their rent, broadband, tv licence contribution, council tax, do they clean their own living space or is that included in the rent? Will you provide an evening meal or just breakfast, what about packed lunches, if they would like that provided that’s a little extra for you? If they want to be responsible for all their own food give them a shelf in the fridge and freezer and cupboard space. Sharing your home is a big thing, you are trusting somebody to respect you and your space and hopefully a friendship will be formed and everybody will be happy. Good luck!

    • Great advice. I plan for them to sort their own meals and clean their room and sitting room but do need to work through the detail

  4. I have had lodgers for past 4 years. I always go through spare That way you can interview lots of people and decide who who you would like to live with you.
    I always get references, preferably people who have been police checked due to their jobs.
    Always always people who work, and not from home.
    I find young adults around 25 to 30 suit better as they want to get out n about, n not just sit at home. Would hate to feel responsible for an 18 year old.
    Always set a legal lodger agreement, can get forms in most large newsagents. WHS etc.
    Always take a months rent up front and a months deposit.
    Always set boundaries, I don,t allow boyfriends, but hasn’t,t been an issue.
    Most of all enjoy, can be great fun, my present lodger is Australian lovely .
    Oh in lodger agreement always set up notice you or they give, I do one month,
    In Scotland lodgers have no legal rights n I could tell them to leave tomorrow, and they would have to.
    I don,t believe England is the same.
    Oh do not put a lock on their bedroom door as it would then be classed as tenancy, which you do not want.

    • Love the idea of lodger having own sitting room, think about the extra gas n electric bills if they are sitting there for hours on a winters evening though. I have tv corner in bedroom with armchair, desk, kettle , mini fridge. Means they are not up n downstairs for juice , tea nibbles etc.
      Most people tend to like this set up, own little space.. We tend to be ships that pass as both have busy life’s. Sometimes have a glass of wine n pizza or watch tv together.
      Oh check potential lodger has hobbies, out n about n not a couch potatoe.
      Just my thoughts

  5. I include all bills in my rent, less hassle.
    Elec,gas,phone BT free after 7 n weekends only, everyone has always used their own mobile,Internet, council tax ,tv lic.
    I supply loo rolls,kitchen roll, hand wash, dish wash tabs, bin bags cleaning stuff,
    No one has abused this.
    The thought of you used X amount of loo roll etc that,ll be £1.50, would be too stressful and business like.
    After all you all wan,t to enjoy living together.just factor this little amount in to rent.
    Looking on spare room gives you a good idea of the going rate.
    Oh I always have a welcome package on arrival, fresh flowers,welcome card, water, mini wine ,tea bags, coffee decanted in to little jars, little jug milk, fruit, nuts, ,chocs n try to make it personal, little jar of vegemite for Aussie lodger,
    Sets the standard and people really appreciate the effort especially is a long way from home.
    lots of leaflets from tourist shop what’s on in the area, busses, trains
    If the lodger is happy , relaxed from the get go excellent,
    May sound like a little outlay, but worth every penny.
    I have had 4. Lodgers now my 5th arrived 4 weeks ago.
    I keep in contact with them all, people from all over the world
    Regards Kirrie
    I appreciate I have rambled on but best thing I have done a ing lodgers,

  6. I don’t know where you live but could you test the waters a bit by advertising on Air BnB for a short term let? This might let you know how you feel about it, without too much commitment from you? I would insist upon rent in advance, just because I’d hate to get into an awkward situation where you are chasing for it. And also, as above, make some ground rules for “sleepovers” and the like.

    Unfortunately we only have two bedrooms. I’m considering getting a sofa bed for the living room or a double bed for DD (who stays at her dads on Saturday’s) then renting our bedroom out once in a while to Air BnB travellers (we’re 22 mins from central London and near lovely countryside). My other half things I’m mental, but every little helps, and you could meet some wonderful people.

    As a child we had au pairs and exchange students and some of them are still in contact now! My mum now rents out both an annexe and a room in her house and it pays for her mortgage, with change. One of her more recent lodgers has now moved on but they meet regularly for cocktails.

    Do update us 🙂

  7. We live in a university town and I have one friend who has needed to rent a room for extra cash. She found that students are better because they are shorter term and go away quite a bit, end of term etc, She had a terrible experience with a grown woman who moved in and then just would not leave. They had no firm contract, just expectations.
    I think Eloise had a great idea though, as did Chrissie with the contract.

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