Making a bit of extra money



I have been listing and buying on eBay over the past week. I need to try to earn extra money to make up for losing DD1’s housekeeping ( although it is always possible it actually cost more than she gave me to keep her!! We shall see). I have found some beautiful dresses. I think they will sell but it’s tricky knowing how to price them.

I am looking forward to the boot sale season starting in the Spring. I should find some real bargains there to sell on.

Every little helps!

The sun is shining today and the daffodils are looking promising. I know we have a way to go but I hate winter and can’t wait for the better weather.

2 thoughts on “Making a bit of extra money

  1. Jane, I have purchased from ebay before, but have never tried selling. It looks like a lot of work. We do have a local garage sale site, and my daughter sells stuff all the time. She always makes arrangements to have buyers meet her in a public place to pay her for the items.

  2. I’ve just listed 3 pages of DS outgrown clothes on ebay as he has had a growth spurt and he has now moved up to the next size! I love ebay for both buying and selling but I have found the selling fees have gone very expensive now which is annoying!
    I emailed you my bureau project, hope you got it okay

    Amanda x

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