Mad dogs and English women go gardening in the midday rain!

imageWell Hurricane Bertha turned out to be a bit of a damp squib, thankfully, but we did get some weird weather today. It was very mild and pouring with rain one minute, then blazing sunshine, then the wind whipped up and blew a few pots around the garden, then hailstones! Talk about 4 seasons in one day.

imageWe were tempted outside by a break in the rain. Mr S got a fire going to burn lots of old woody stuff that was too big to compost. He managed to get it burning fiercely enough that the rain didn’t put it out.

imageI spent an hour or so digging the squash patch and pulling up some skeletal brassicas that had been completely decimated by the cabbage white butterfly laying their pesky eggs. That was all the kale and purple sprouting broccoli that had looked so promising a few weeks ago. It is my own fault for not netting them. To start with, each time it rained we ran into the greenhouse but after a while we stopped caring and carried on in the rain. I’m sure the neighbours think we are crazy! The language student looked a bit bemused.


I always look my best with wild damp hair and welly boots!!

He seemed to enjoy his first English roast dinner: pork with crackling, roast potatoes, yorkshires and veg from the garden, followed by Apple Pie and custard. I like a man who enjoys his food!