Lot of Jobs Jobbed!

Me and Mr Shoestring woke up feeling overwhelmed by the number of jobs we needed to do, then decided the best thing was just to get on with some of them. So – a productive day!

The curtains are up!

The curtains are up!

I finished the deep clean and the house looks great. I love a clean house, although it’s hard to keep it like this as I live with a couple of slobs (otherwise known as daughters!). We even had a bit of a move around of the furniture and I now have DD1’s nice pine chest of drawers in my bedroom. It needs a rub down and waxing but is otherwise lovely so I am happy to have it. I have moved two large rattan chests out of my room and into the hallway to make space and they all look much better in their new homes. I put the curtains back in the hallway as well which makes it look much more finished, though it isn’t quite!

imageMr S cut all the lawns and did some weeding, and I managed to get out in the afternoon to plant out more courgettes along with my sweet peas, and also potted some of the other seedlings on.

Some of last year's harvest

Some of last year’s harvest

Got a crowd for lunch tomorrow so will need to get on with the food first thing.

imageDoes anybody else go back to work for a rest?

0 thoughts on “Lot of Jobs Jobbed!

  1. Pamela

    I am catching up with my blog reading after moving and I agree wholeheartedly with you. Although I am retired I have caught myself thinking that a little job to go to would be heavenly. To escape from the mountains of unpacking and empty boxes etc etc, it is enough to send me to the sits vacs page in the local paper. I would love to decorate as the house is very very beige but it is a 6 month rental and I must focus on house hunting. Your decorating and gardening is a joy to watch, I hope that I will be emulating you quite soon.

  2. Julia

    Well done! The long weekends are usually gone before we’ve had a chance to get our act together, not helped by a DH who likes to lie in until lunch time on days off! :/

  3. Cynthia

    Yes, you are going to need to go back to work tomorrow to rest! Your hallway fix-up looks so cozy and nice. Hope you have enjoyed your company.


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