Locked out and lessons learned

Bit of a nightmare end to our day today. We all rushed out this morning inadvertently leaving my keys in the door on the inside, so when Mr S tried to open it to let us all back in he couldn’t get the keys in! 

Because we are quite security conscious the only open window was the bathroom and we are all too big to squeeze in there. Panic!!

Having said that we have now realised it is so easy to break into this house if you leave the windows locked just a tiny bit open. Mr S got up a ladder and used a screwdriver to push the handles up and finally climb in. What a relief.

Two lessons learned. Do not rush out of the door without the keys and shut the windows properly and lock them!

We actually had a nice afternoon visiting my parents for lunch, where we did a bit of blackberrying. I love foraging. We got another big potful to put in the freezer. Food for free is my favourite type 😊.

My parents’ cute garden

My mum also picked up a great steamer for me at the boot sale. This is a good way to cook your veg. Cheaper, as you only use one ring, and the vegetables retain more vitamins when steamed.

DD3 has had a good week. She got very decent A level results and a new job on the same day. She starts tomorrow and has a few months to decide whether this is actually a gap year before university or whether to become a full time career girl. This has to be her choice but I am hoping she will go to uni. We shall see. 

I hope your day wasn’t quite so interesting. Decorating starts tomorrow so I will do some before, during and after shots as we go. Wish us luck!

5 thoughts on “Locked out and lessons learned

  1. I’ve felt that heart in mouth horror when you realise your keys are inside your house. Last time it happened I was naked under a dressing gown with wet hair in winter. A neighbour had knocked to inform me one of my chickens was running wild through the gardens on our street. I get outside and run to the coop to see which chicken is missing and…they’re all there.

    I help catch the chicken, pop it in our coop (I did later find the neighbour who owned her) and realise I’m locked out without a phone or any money. I had to wait for my friend to collect me for lunch, explain to him that I was a) going to make us miss our reservation and b) he had to drive me all the way to OHs parents house 15 miles away to get the spare. All was well that ended well, but I’ve now liberally distributed spares among family and hidden one in a very hard-to-find spot in the garden!!

    The blackberries look amazing, we haven’t managed to get any this year, but we also don’t currently have a freezer either. I usually freeze them in bulk and then make jam when the urge strikes.

  2. Yes I lost my keys at work 10years ago. Phoned work no one saw them. Sat on doorstep thinking what to do? Locksmith ? Hotel?.
    Remembered neighbours cat got in my bedroom window from conservatory, which I did leave tilted open.
    Used tables n chairs t climb on to conservatory, slowly edged along metal part of conservatory below window, reached in turned handle was in scary!. I now always lock Windows shut, if I could get in a crazy would find it easy!.
    Have keys in fake pebble, amongst millions of pebbles.

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